Kawasaki has displayed a 2022 model for the KLR650. We expect Kawasaki to bring this bike to India and there are certain reasons why we speculate this. In this article, we are going to go through all these reasons and you let us know whether this bike should come to India or not?

kawasaki KLR650

Dual Purpose bike

If you look at the design of the Versys 650 and compare it with the Kawasaki KLR650 you will notice that the Kasawsaki is more offroad biased. The Versys is technically a Ninja on stilts. It is great for the highways but you will hesitate to take it offroad. The KLR650 always has been ready from the showroom to jump into the mud and have some fun. Also being a 650cc bike it does have enough power to thottle out of tricky situations. To put it in simple words with the Kawasaki KLR650 you can have a bike that can take you to your offroad trail and also let you have fun there without changing the bike.

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Traveler Edition

The 2022 model comes with a Travellers edition. This has all the mods like Aux lights, extra engine protection, raised handlebars and hard luggage which make the bike ready to go touring right out of the showroom. Most of these mods are done by serious tourer and what is better than having them company fitted.

kawasaki KLR650

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Unique character

You might think why would Kawasaki sell 2 650cc bikes? Do they have the same engine? No, the KLR650 has a single-cylinder 650cc engine. Being single it does have vibrations but the bike also produces torque early in the rev range. It is a liquid cooled engine which has the room to rev higher. Also, a single-cylinder engine is easy to maintain and repairing it if you have a breakdown is much easier.

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Now in India we have never seen the KLR brand in Kawasaki’s lineup. Being a single cylinder big capacity bike it does not have a head-on competition. We think the Indian adventure bike buyer might like this bike. The KLR650 is considered as the rough and tough offroader that you can buy and also use for highway touring. Do we think that Kawasaki KLR650 is worth of coming to India? Yes.

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