Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has been a successful product from Maruti. It was shifted from being sold at the Arena showroom to the brands NEXA outlets. The car is best suited for customers who wish to be chauffer-driven and enjoy sitting in the 2nd-row. The car is a great blend of comfort with reliability. However, there are some aspects where the car lacks. The absence of some elements does result in Maruti losing buyers for the Ciaz. In this article, we will discuss 5 features that are needed on the Maruti Ciaz.

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Altroz i-Turbo missing Sunroof

The Maruti Ciaz does not offer a sunroof which has become a very common feature these days. A sunroof in the vehicle gives it a very upmarket feel along with carrying functional benefits. A sunroof has become a deciding factor among buyers these days with some buyers rejecting products due to the absence of this feature.

Diesel engine

Maruti Ciaz features

The Ciaz, although comes powered by a very efficient and powerful 1.5-litre petrol engine, however, a missing diesel engine does affect its sales. With a diesel engine, the mid-size sedan would be able to produce more torque, making it more fun to drive car. Also, the fuel efficiency figures are great due to the presence of mild-hybrid technology, however, a diesel engine would further enhance the fuel efficiency of this car.

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Wireless charging

Maruti Ciaz features

The Ciaz, although being a great VFM product misses the wireless charging feature. Today, most of its rivals offer this feature which the Ciaz does not. This comes out as a negative point for the sedan. With wireless charging on offer, it becomes very convenient for the passengers to charge their devices.

6 airbags

Safety is a very crucial aspect that is being given a lot of importance these days. Many carmakers have started marketing their products promoting safety as the main benefit. Given this, added safety adds trust amongst buyers these days. Maruti offers dual airbags with Ciaz. With the competition providing more number of airbags, we believe Maruti should offer the Ciaz with 6 airbags.

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Fully digital instrument cluster

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The availability of a fully digital instrument cluster adds an upmarket feel to the cabin. Moreover, a digital instrument cluster makes the car look every bit modern. Along with these features, the ease with which customers can read the information also becomes a great convenience factor.

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