Mahindra as a brand has been dipping its feet in unchartered territories for quite some time now. The brand was the first one to bring a micro SUV in the country, the KUV100. It was also one of the initial brands to start developing electric vehicles in the country. Recently, Mahindra has given a green light to its XUV Aero concept and will become the first Indian brand to bring an SUV coupe into the market. We will discuss our expectations of the Mahindra XUV900 in this article.

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XUV900 will be a unique looking product in Mahindra’s portfolio. The car will borrow some of its design elements from the upcoming Mahindra XUV700. The front fascia of the car might be similar to the XUV700, however, we expect Mahindra to do minor tweaking to the grille and bumpers in order to retain the uniqueness of this flagship product. Also, some panels like front doors and side skirts might be borrowed from the XUV700 as well. The car is expected to receive LED treatment for the exterior lighting setup as standard. Also, we expect Mahindra to add stylish alloy wheels that will complement the overall design of the car. We might even get to see a notchback design for the boot. A notchback boot helps maintain the coupe design without having to compromise its practicality. To take the premium feel to a new level, we expect Mahindra to offer a glass roof with the XUV900 as well.


Coming to the interiors, this flagship product from Mahindra will come with better interiors compared to the XUV700. We might get to see light tone interiors which will enhance the upmarket appeal of the car. Mahindra might also offer dark tone interiors with contrasting stitchings which will give the interiors a rather sporty appeal. For enhancing the sporty feel, Mahindra might also offer sporty seats. We expect XUV900 to come with the single-piece display setup and 64-colour ambient lighting setup to up the premium level.

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The SUV coupe will be based on Ssangyong Korando’s monocoque platform, the same which will underpin the upcoming XUV700 as well. The brand might even borrow the engines from the XUV700 for the SUV coupe, the power figures of which might be buffed to make the driving experience much better. Being a flagship product, the engines are expected to come mated to DCT automatic gearbox as standard. Also, AWD might be the only drivetrain option available with the car. XUV900 is expected to come with a tuned suspension setup in order to enhance the driving dynamics, tilting it towards a sporty experience.


As mentioned above, Mahindra might market it as a sporty product. For this purpose, Mahindra could offer paddle shifters to make the driving experience more engaging. The car will mostly come loaded with features that will match flagship standards. A big touchscreen infotainment system, fully digital instrument cluster, wireless connectivity via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, connected car tech and multi-zone climate control could be some of the prominent features. In terms of safety, Mahindra might make ADAS available with XUV900. Features like adaptive cruise control, park assist, blind-spot monitor, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning and frontal collision warning will be some of them.

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Target customers

We expect Mahindra to market the XUV900 as a flagship product. It will cater to customers looking forward to experiencing a car that will surely stand out from the crowd. Also, it will be a great choice for buyers who are tech-savvy and want maximum bells & whistles in a car. The brand might also market this product as an urban luxury SUV.

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