Toyota as a brand has been slowly trying to expand its portfolio in the country; again. Before the BS6 era, the brand had hatchbacks, compact sedans, premium sedans, premium SUVs, luxury SUVs, but post BS6, the brand had shrunk its portfolio. However, Toyota is re-entering different segments, moving forwards towards a hopeful future in the country. Recently, a WagonR based EV with Toyota badging was spotted undergoing tests, reflecting that the brand is set to enter the budget EV space in the country. In this article, we will discuss this Rs 8 Lakh Toyota electric car in brief and what we know about it so far.

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New design cues spotted

Rs 8 Lakh Toyota electric car The WagonR based Toyota EV has got multiple elements going for it which are giving it a unique identity over Maruti’s petrol-powered hatchback. The biggest difference between Rs 8 Lakh Toyota electric and the regular WagonR is the front fascia. The car gets a unique headlight setup that we have not seen on a Maruti car yet. The indicators take the eyebrow position, whereas the main headlights and fog lamps take the lower spot. Also, the car gets an almost covered front fascia which is a clear indication that it is an EV. The absence of an exhaust confirms the same. Both bumpers get black design inserts which are giving it a sporty and modern character. Moreover, the blacked-out tail lights complement the sporty bumpers, giving the rear an overall unique identity.  The lighting setup on the car receives the LED treatment, enhancing the premium appeal of the car. Other than this, the car gets black alloy wheels, which have been borrowed from the Maruti Ignis. The alloy wheels also get the Toyota badging, reaffirming the fact that it will be a Toyota product.

What about Maruti then?

Maruti has already made it clear that the brand will only start working towards EVs once the infrastructure is ready, and also the business looks feasible to them. As of now, the brand does not have the infrastructure and also pushing out a budget EV would end up compromising the range of the car, a situation which Maruti would not want to end up with. However, with Toyota planning an EV, it might be a possibility that Maruti might use Toyota’s infrastructure to launch its own EV. As of now, these are just speculations. We have to wait until any further confirmation from either brand. We will keep you posted regarding any further updates on the same.

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