When should you get your wheels aligned? Every service? Once a year? Or is it when you feel something is wrong? Well, let’s first take a look at what benefits you get from wheel alignment.

Fuel efficiency

Well, the aligned vehicle has lesser resistance and so it puts less stress on the engine. A misaligned vehicle can drop the gas mileage up to 10%. Fuel costs have gone quite up and getting a wheel alignment will definitely lead you to fill up less.

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Improved ride

When tyres are out of alignment it is obvious that there will be a problem in the ride. If at slow speeds it is not noticeable it will show up at high speed in form of alien vibrations. If you are facing such problems then you should get your tyres aligned. Also, if your vehicle pulls to the left or right with the steering straight then it’s a sign that things have been misaligned.

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Better handling

Misaligned wheels at the rear do not cause many problems. If your steering wheels are misaligned you will face problems like inconsistent steering feedback. This will have a drastic effect in handling where one has to repeatedly align the car for going in the desired line.

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Less wear

Overall a well-aligned car does not have vibrations. This leads to lesser wear and tear of parts. Loosening of bolts and strange noises are avoided. For eg., if you hit a pothole with a bad alignment it could damage your tyres and suspension. These would cost way more than getting your car aligned.

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Long lasting Tyres

With a well-aligned car, you get better tyre life. They wear out evenly and you also get a slightly better life as they do not have to work against each other. Remember to get your tyres aligned and balanced every 10000 km. This will keep your vehicle free from other problems and save you a lot. Also if you hit a pothole and feel your wheels are off don’t wait just get it aligned.

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