If you are looking at a car that is in the price range of Rs 8 to 11 lakh then you might face a question of buying a premium Hatchback or a sub-compact SUV. Here we are going to look at the Hyundai i20 and the Renault Kiger to find out which is better. Hyundai i20 vs Renualt Kiger -Let’s find out which one is for you?


The Hyundai i20 might look like it is expensive as it starts at a price of Rs 8.01 lakhs and the top variant petrol automatic with DCT comes at Rs 13.29 lakh. If this is compared with that of the Renault Kiger the base model starts at Rs 6.38 lakhs and the top model goes up to Rs 11.31 lakh. If we compare the price to size ratio, then the Kiger seems like a winner as it appears to be bigger and taller. Let’s take a look at the dimensions and features to understand this better.

Hyundai i20 (10)

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The Hyundai i20 is just under 4 meters with a length of 3995mm whereas the Kiger has a length of 3991mm. In terms of width, the Hyundai i20 wins as it has a wider body at 1775mm and the Kiger is at 1750mm. This does translate into better rear space in the Hyundai i20 and with practical tests we have found that the hatchback in this regard is the better choice. The Kiger gets its win in terms of height at 1605mm and the Hyundai i20 is at 1505mm. Here you have to understand that even if the Hyundai i20 has less height it has lesser ground clearance. It is a trade-off which some of you might be okay with.

Renault Kiger

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Hyundai i20 vs Renualt KigerFeatures

In terms of features, the Hyundai i20 offers a lot. Now access to most of these features can be taken in the Asta variant. The Renault Kiger in its top variant costs Rs 11.33 lakh and the Petrol Asta variant with IVT costs Rs 11.37 lakh. You get all the features of BlueLink connected car tech as well as the Bose sound system. Along with this, the Hyundai i20 feels much well built and solid.
There is an advantage with the Hyundai i20 when it comes to engine options. Before that let’s take a look at what the Renault Kiger offers on its top variant. You get Wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay. A fully digital instrument cluster is offered. And lastly, you get driver modes on select variants. An Arkymys sound system is offered and it does offer you good quality sound. The Renault Kiger gets front parking sensors which are missing on the Hyundai i20. But overall, the i20 has better quality and is more feature rich.

Hyundai i20

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Hyundai i20 vs Renualt Kiger Engine options

The Hyundai i20 offers more engine options as it has 2 petrol engine and one diesel engine. On the Renault Kiger it gets only 2 petrol engines. In terms of gearboxes too, an AMT is offered on the naturally aspirated engine whereas the Turbo petrol gets the CVT gearbox. The Hyundai i20 has a IVT, DCT and iMT on offer.  In terms of power, the Hyundai i20 clearly wins as its 1.0-litre turbo engine makes more power and there is a diesel as well as a bigger petrol engine on offer. The Kiger’s naturally aspirated engine makes 70 bhp whereas the turbo engine makes 97 bhp. The Hyundai i20 makes 82 bhp on the naturally aspirated 1.2-litre petrol engine. The diesel mill makes about 99 bhp with its 1.5-litre engine. The 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine makes 110 bhp which is the highest among all.

Renault Kiger base variant

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Which should you buy?

So lets sum up the battle that is – Hyundai i20 vs Renualt Kiger. The Hyundai i20 feels like a much better car in terms of performance and what it offers. Also, the premiums are felt in terms of materials used and build quality. So if you have the money to spare then you should go for it. The Renault Kiger would become a pick only when you have the will to compromise a bit for better monetary gains.

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