Ford Endeavour (Ford Everest in other markets) as a nameplate has been going strong for close to two decades now in the markets that it is sold in. The car received a generation change back in 2015. Finally, after a long wait of 6 years, the new generation Ford Endeavour has been spotted testing for the first time in Melbourne, Australia. The next-gen Ford Ranger was also spotted a while ago and we were confident that the Endeavour would follow soon. Today’s article will deal with the new generation Ford Endeavour and all that we know about it.

New generation Ford Endeavour – Ranger spy shots show details


Although the current-gen Ford Endeavour does look muscular, the new generation car will adopt a much bolder look that will be heavily inspired by the Ford pickup trucks, especially the new F-150. The same will be the case with the next-gen Ford Ranger as well. The Endeavour will also come with big headlights & a squarish front as seen on the Ford pickups. The big headlight setup enhances the road presence of a big vehicle. The car has also taken up sharper lines on the sides which will continue flowing from the square front. It will also get new tail lamps & tailgate that will go with its makeover. The car will also get a sharper roof-mounted spoiler & updated bumpers this time.


Looking at the spy shots, it becomes clear that the dimensions of the Endeavour have been stretched. The new one looks longer than the current one. The new generation Ford Endeavour will come powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine. For the top-end models, Ford is expected to offer a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine. The brand is expected to completely let go of its current 3.2-litre diesel engine which in a way has reached its peak age. The SUV will also comply with hybrid technology which is touted to be introduced in the later stages. Interestingly, the car will now come sat on more-road focused low profile tyres rather than off-roaders. The SUV will be underpinned by the next-generation Ford Ranger’s platform.

3 things we want on the new Ford Endeavour

Features & Launch

New generation Ford Endeavour

The new generation Ford Endeavour is expected to come loaded with features that would surely help it take stand strong in front of the competition. The SUV is expected to be unveiled this year with the launch expected to be somewhere around next year. The car will first be launched in Australia and ASEAN countries and will then make its way to India, probably by mid-2022.

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