Which oil should you put in your vehicle? Is the regular oil damaging my car? Or is synthetic oil bad for the car? Why should I switch? These are some of the common questions that we get from a lot of our subscribers. Ahead mentioned is a detailed account of why you should to this new oil. Let’s go.

How does oil affect the engine?

If you look at the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil, they might be equally viscous at room temperature. But with synthetic oil, it remains viscous even at extreme temperatures. This might make you think that you do not drive in extreme temperature. Well, the engine gets extremely hot and if you have a high compression engine then the pressure also has an effect on the oil viscosity. They are used where there is direct injection, variable valve timing and turbochargers.

Fuel Pump Night

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Synthetic oil benefits

This type of oil can withstand colder temperatures. This will help in cold starts at freezing temperatures. They can also reduce summer burn off. It also reduces the sludge buildup and improves your fuel economy. You can also notice a drop in the NVH levels of your engine. Lastly, these are overall better oils as they have enhanced benefits over conventional oil. The only catch here is that they are expensive than conventional oil. Take a look below at the myths and rumors’ that you might hear about synthetic oil.

Oil leak

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Synthetic oil causes leaks – There is a fair chance that synthetic could leak easily than conventional oil but it would not ’cause’ a leak.
You cannot switch back to conventional oil – No, you can switch back to conventional oil as easily as you switched to regular oil. But after experiencing the smoothness of the engine on synthetic oil we highly doubt you would want to switch back.
When you change oil type you need to have a break-in period – There is no break-in period required when switching to a new type of oil.

How to maintain your car during summer?

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