7-seaters have always been in the game. Customers with big families or commercial uses rely on these products only. Today’s article will deal with two iconic 7-seaters; one being the Tata Safari and the other being Toyota Innova Crysta. In this article on Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Crysta, we will discuss which one would make better sense for you to consider. We will also see if Safari has in it to take on the MPV king.

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Tata Safari

The Tata Safari is 4661mm long, 1894mm wide & 1786mm tall. It sits on a 2741mm wheelbase. The Toyota Innova on the other hand is 4735mm long, 1830mm wide & 1795mm tall. This one sits on a 2750mm wheelbase. Looking at the dimensions, it becomes clear that the Innova being a longer one would offer much better legroom and knee room on the inside. Also, it would offer slightly better headroom inside the cabin.


New Tata Safari boss mode

The Tata Safari does get features like connected car tech, a floating touchscreen infotainment system, a panoramic sunroof, captain seats with Boss Mode, 3rd-row AC vents & charging ports, cruise control, automatic climate control, hill hold, hill descent control, electronic parking brake with auto hold and driving modes. The Toyota Innova on the other hand gets features like a cooled glovebox, a foldable table on the seatback and 7 airbags. Also, the Safari gets rear disc brakes as well whereas the Innova gets regular drums brakes for the rear wheels.

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Tata Safari vs Toyota Innova Specifications

Innova india

The Tata Safari comes powered by a 2.0-litre Kryotec diesel engine which is capable of producing 168bhp and 350Nm of torque. The Safari gets options of 235/70 R16 and 235/60 R18 set of wheels. Also, the Safari is made available in 6-seater & 7-seater configurations. The Toyota Innova on the other hand comes powered by a 2.4-litre diesel engine and a 2.7-litre petrol engine. The diesel unit makes 148bhp & 343Nm of torque. The petrol unit on the other hand makes 164bhp & 245Nm of torque. This one only sits on a 205/65 R16 set of wheels. Innova is made available in 7-seater & 8-seater configurations.


Innova facelift interiors

The Tata Safari starts at Rs 18.22 Lakhs and goes up to Rs 26.58 Lakhs. The Innova on the other hand starts at Rs 19.74 Lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs 29.89 Lakhs. (All prices are on-road Mumbai).

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Which one is for you?

Now as stated the Safari here is comfortable, gets more features for convenience and safety. It has a bold new design and has a diesel engine that is more powerful than the Innova. The Innova on the other hand is also comfortable but seems to lack some of the new stuff that makes life more convenient in a car. But apart from some missing features the Toyota Innova is a solid car with a impressive resume in sales, service, build quality and maintenance. People have been using cars since more than 10 years in many cases and it is dependable. But in the recent times the car as mentioned above has gotten expensive.

Should you be paying almost 30 lakhs for one? Not really. Its a good choice if a mid-variant will suffice or else do try the Tata Safari.

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