As lockdown eases up a lot of you might face the problem of a discharged battery. This is obvious that it is caused by not using your car but what is the solution to this? How to charge a car battery? In this article, we are going to give you 3 ways you can charge your car battery.

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Car to car jumpstart

The easiest way is to charge from car to car. For this, you need jumper cables. If you have another car which is running it is great or else asks for a favor from someone you know. Make sure that your turn off both the cars before you do this. Also, you connect the ground terminal first. This will avoid any sparking and keep you safe.  Once you jump start the car make sure that you take the car for a long spin. Just revving the car in neutral won’t do the job. You could also take the car to a mechanic and keep your battery on a trickle charge if you don’t have the time to take it for a long spin. The trickle charger is explained further in the article.

Jump start

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Portable Jump Starter

If you have the money to invest in this car gadget then do invest in this. It is a portable car jump starter. It can be used even on 2 wheelers and is really a quite useful tool. It directly connects to the battery terminals and gives the surge of power that is required to start the car up.

They might look overpriced but when you want to charge a car battery in the middle of nowhere this thing might just feel like a life savior. Also make sure you buy the ones which sustain their charge even though they aren’t used for a long time.

portable jump starter

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Trickle Charger

Now if you take your battery to a mechanic he is not magically charging it. He will plug it to a trickle charger which will slowly charge the battery to an optimum level. This is a slow charger that does not put pressure on the battery and so it charges it slowly just like the alternator in a car does. If your car has a different type of battery – for eg lithium-ion batter then the charging process becomes fast as that battery is capable of charging fast and does not require a trickle charge.

Now if you park your car in a personal garage and have a rough idea that you wont be using it then you can plug it in to a trickle charge which will make sure that the charge is maintained near 80%.

trickle charger

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