The biggest question that a college student faces according to him is which bike should he buy? What will make him cool among his friends? We have narrowed it to 2 bikes. One is the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the other is the Yamaha R15 V3. One of these bikes could be for you and in this article, we are going to give you reasons which one is the best college bike.

Buy for looks

Now both bikes look very good in their segments. The Royal Enfield surely looks like a classic bike with a bigger footprint but to the common eye, the Yamaha R15 looks like a sports bike. The Yamaha here is going to be the head-turner as it is comparatively rare than the Classic 350. But if you are someone who has big build, the bigger Royal Enfield might suit you better. So if you are buying the bike just for looks then do consider which one suits your personality the best. Just looks do not decide which is the best college bike so we are going to take a look at other aspects like performance and comfort.

Royal Enfield Classic 350


If you are looking at performance hands down the Yamaha R15 is a bike. It has a liquid-cooled engine with higher compression and a top speed which higher than the Royal Enfield Bullet. Also, the bike has 6 gears and a 150cc engine which results in a fuel economy better than that of the Classic 350.

Yamaha R15

The classic 350 has a bigger 350cc engine but the engine has older mechanicals. The torque comes in early and stays constant with a receding curve as you accelerate. This results in the bike feeling like it is struggling to gain speed.

Highway riding

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is good on the highway where it can sit at a constant pace which out feeling like its needs your attention. This bike would be a great bike if you are into college bike groups that do highway tours. It will also not mind if you decide to take it a bit off-road. Also, a pillion would be much happier to sit on the Royal Enfield rather than the high and cramped seat of the R15. If you prefer riding solo and like speed then you should go for the R15 V3. This bike won’t disappoint you and you would definitely end up calling it the best college bike. Just keep in mind that the R15 has a very committed riding posture and if you are not into riding that aggressively then avoid buying that bike.

Royal enfield classic 500 pegasus

Price and Maintenance

College is a time when you are dependent on pocket money and probably your parents are going to finance this bike. This is where it gets interesting as although Yamaha is the cheaper one here but the maintenance is costlier and service intervals are closer. The bike is completely made of composite fibre and if you drop it or scratch it you will have to get the whole panel replaced. The Classic 350 on the other hand is completely metal and can do away with a lot of jugaad which will not be noticeable. The on-road price (Mumbai) of the Yamaha R15 is Rs 1,78,000 for the top model and for the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is Rs 2,34,000.

Royal Enfield classic

The R15 will be lower on fuel costs if compared to that of Royal Enfield and if you are going to pay for fuel out of your pocket then it is better to have the R15. So you might be again in the dilemma of which is the best college bike? The answer to this question likes within your tastes and need for the bike. Do a test ride on both these bikes and make a not of the compromises you are ready to make if you buy either one of them. We would also urge you to take a look at the Yamaha MT-15.

Yamaha R15

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