Honda currently does not have a proper SUV in its lineup. The Honda WR-V is the closest that this Japanese brand goes to providing a SUV experience in India. The CR-V was a proper SUV that was discontinued recently due to low sales. In this article, we are going to tell you about Honda Rs 12 lakh 7 seater. What is this car based on? What can you expect from it? And where will it sit in the current Honda lineup in India?

Honda Rs 12 Lakh 7 seater

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Honda N7X

Honda N7X is a concept SUV. This concept SUV will be the basis for the vehicle that will replace the Honda BR-V in Indonesia. As of now, the Honda BR-V is not sold in India. It was a 7-seater which was discontinued due to lack of demand and low sales. The reason why Honda is expected to replace a discontinued car in India has been explained further ahead.

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Indian SUV Demand

Indians like to buy cars that look like SUVs. Most of the SUVs and compact SUVs that we have on the market right now are tough looking high ground clearance vehicles. They have squared wheel arches and prominent shoulder lines.

If you look at the Honda N7X it checks all those boxes. The car has a front that is bold and reminds of the Honda City. In comparison to the BR-V, this car looks aggressive and gives an illusion of a bold car designed to look tough. The BR-V looked sleek, elegant and non-intimidating.

As of now, Honda India has not declared that they will be bringing this Rs 12 lakh 7 seater to India but it seems like a perfect fit in the void that Honda has in its current car lineup.

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What to expect?

This Honda Rs 12 lakh 7 seater if comes to India, then is expected with 2 engine options. These will be the same engine options that you see on the Honda City – 1.5-litre diesel and 1.5-litre petrol. The price of this car as we have mentioned earlier would be somewhere from Rs 12 lakh to 20 lakh.

In terms of features, you might see this car take a lot of inspiration from Honda City. This SUV would also be like an experimenting ground for Honda to test out new features. Also, the new 7 seaters that are coming into the market are all focused on offering a lot of features. Honda if it has to gain an advantage over them will then have to give some gimmicky features that we see on other SUVs.

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There is no clarity on the launch of this Honda Rs 12 lakh 7 seater in India. Honda Global will first launch this car in Indonesia and then we might have better idea weather if we can see this car in India. We speculate that this car might be shown at the Auto Expo 2022 and the launch might happen then too.

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