Honda WR-V is the brand’s compact SUV/crossover that competes with cars like Maruti Vitara Brezza, Ford EcoSport and other products. The car comes powered by 1.2-litre petrol & a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The car is only available with a manual gearbox. The Honda WR-V received a facelift in July 2020. This article will deal with Mr Ashutosh’s ownership experience with his Honda WR-V.

Why did owner buy MG Hector over Hyundai Verna?

Car Details

Owners Name: Ashutosh Angne
Car Model: Honda WR-V
Fuel Type: Diesel

Variant: VX

Year of purchase: 2018
Kms covered: 10,400 approx

Why did you select the Honda WR-V?

The cabin is spacious and at the same time, comfortable too. Also, the car fit in my budget. These were the main reasons why I chose this car.

Have you driven the car only in city conditions?

Honda WR-V ownership

The major chunk of my driving has been in the city. However, I have also done long-distance travels to my village as well.

What are the things that you like about the Honda WR-V?

This car gets a 1.5-litre diesel engine, so the power that it produces is really good & it is punchy as well. The space inside is great. Also, the ground clearance is really good and the boot space is also one of the best. The Honda WR-V gets a boot space of 363-litres. This is generally the case with compact SUVs these days. Also, the drivability factor of the WR-V is really nice which makes long-distance travels less exhausting. A 5 to 10-minute break is enough to rejuvenate when you are in a WR-V. The fuel efficiency that the car returns is also really good.

What are the things that you did not like about the Honda WR-V?

The car does not get adjustable headrests, AC vents, charging port & armrest at the rear. Also, a diesel automatic option should be made available. Moreover, a speed governing lock has not been provided in the car which is a crucial safety element.

How do you think is the maintenance & service cost of this car?

Honda WR-V ownership

It is very good. The car has a low cost of maintenance. The second service cost somewhere around Rs 6000.

Have you added any aftermarket accessories to your WR-V?

Honda WR-V ownership

In terms of after-market accessories, LED fog lamps have been added & the halogen bulbs on the main headlamp unit have been replaced with LEDs. The halogen light was a little weak which resulted in a weak throw. During night driving, the light was not sufficient so I decided to upgrade it. Side cladding, leather seat covers & reverse parking sensors have also been added.

Would you buy a Honda WR-V again, if we went back in time?

If Honda would have brought additions to the car which I felt were missing with the new facelift, I would have surely gone for the WR-V again. However, they have not made any changes that I want in my car, so I would not go with Honda WR-V again. Also, I have experienced this car once, so I would want to change. If given a chance, I would go for the Kia Seltos or the new Hyundai Creta.

What would you rate your Honda WR-V ownership?

Honda WR-V ownership

I am very satisfied with the car. Before I bought this, I had a look at the Hyundai Creta & the Maruti S-Cross as well. However, they sit a little bit higher from the ground and my mother finds it difficult to reach that height to get it the car, so for that comfort, I decided to go with this one. Also, I wish if Honda could better the NVH levels, it would be great Other than this the car is great, it is really fun to drive.

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  • WRV Honda I am using since 2018 driver more than 50000 Kms, wonderful, very comfortable balance car with good mileage. Maintenance is also not much. good road grip in all weather conditions.

  • Hi, thanks for the great reviews. I drive a Honda BRIO (5 years old) and very happy with Honda. Wanting to upgrade to a car that can take my large dog (St.Bernard) in the rear comfortably. Fold down/fold back seats would be ideal. Does the WRV provide that? Any other reccos?