MG Hector Diesel starts at an on-road Mumbai price of Rs 17.67 Lakh. The top diesel model comes at Rs 22.81 Lakh. The car offers a good amount of space for the price and also offers loads of features and undercuts the rivals. The car comes with 3 engine option and out of which 2 are petrol and one is diesel. One of the petrol engines comes with a hybrid powertrain. The company still does not offer a diesel automatic option but still, the MG Hector Diesel is the on of the most sensible pick of the lot but what does the owner of the car have to say about it? Let’s find out in this article where Jayesh tells his story of the MG Hector Diesel.

Car Details

Owners Name: Jayesh Takkar
Car Model: MG Hector
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: Manual Transmission
Variant: Smart Variant
Year of purchase: 2019 July
Kms covered: 23,000 km approx

Hector Owners review

Why did you choose MG Hector Diesel?

Jayesh: The choice for MG Hector was based on the road presence and features. Also, the build quality felt good to me when I in person experienced the vehicle. Also the value for money aspect was the key point here for me to consider the Hector Diesel.

Did you consider any other cars in the segment?

Jayesh: To be frank we did not look at other cars in the segment. I was actually considering the pre-facelift Verna but this car like love at first sight. We wanted a car that was strong and I felt that an SUV would be better than a Sedan.

 MG Hector Diesel

Would you like to switch back to a sedan after MG Hector?

Jayesh: No. After driving an SUV now I would not prefer switching back to a Sedan. The higher seating posture and the right comfort are some things that I am used to now and switching back would not keep me happy. Also, the suspension and ground clearance are working in my favor as I can hit bad roads without worrying about a thing.

What pros would you like to mention?

Jayesh: High-speed stability and feeling safe while doing those high speeds are the major key points that I think are the pros of this car. Now when the car is completely loaded there suspension feels planted and there is less body roll. Also because of the roomy cabin and spacious interiors, the speed is not felt while driving this car. Other than these points the music system (infinity) is very bass-rich and creates an atmosphere that will improve your driving experience.

What would you like to say about Comfort?

Jayesh: As I don’t sit behind I can’t give an accurate opinion but I would say that there have been no complaints as such, the car has ample legroom and the side to side space is also good. Also from a drivers point of view, there is very little driving fatigue even during long trips.

What cons would you like to point out?

Jayesh: As of now there is no place where this car has disappointed me. I would like to say this car delivers what it promises.

What is the MG Hector maintenance cost?

Jayesh: The major 3rd service costed me Rs 6,500 instead of Rs 15000. And this included the change of all main filters and engine fluids. For comparison, there are no other cars in the segment that give a service cost lesser than Rs 10,000.

What mileage does the MG Hector give?

Jayesh: The car gives a mileage of 12km to 13 km in the city even when driving sporty. If you want you can extract a mileage above 13 if driven at a calm pace. On the highway, the car feels so engaging that you feel like pushing it. Even then I can get a mileage of 16 km/l.

Would you recommend this car?

Jayesh: Yes I would recommend this car to anyone buying a car in that budget. I have faced no problem with the vehicle and the service is quite good.

Would you buy this car again if taken back in time?

Jayesh: Yes I would like to pick this car again without considering the new entrants in the market. The reason behind this would be simple as driving this gives me satisfaction every single time and I would not like to have that over a slightly bigger engine of brand value.

How do you find the engine of this car?

Jayesh: Being a turbo diesel it feels very punchy when the Turbo kicks in. Also driving through the city the car feels quite tractable. Also, it feels easy because of the good visibility. The driver’s seat is quite high and that leads to good visibility overall giving you an exact idea of how wide the car is. Even parking in tight spaces is a cakewalk with this car.

On a scale of unhappy, satisfied and very happy, where do you fall?

Jayesh: I would consider myself in the very happy category. This car has perfect for me and I don’t have any complaints about it.

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