7 seaters are the talk of the town and with the upcoming Alcazar and XUV700, we are going to see many more cars fulfill the demand of having 3 rows at different price points. Below are the 7 seaters under Rs 20 lakh which you can buy in India. Do note that we are considering on-road Mumbai prices.

Tata Safari

Yes, you can buy the Tata Safari for under Rs 20 lakh. There are 2 variant of this 7 seater that are available in this price range. You are sadly not offered with automatic option and both these variants act like entry points to the product and do not offer many features.


Tata Safari

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Toyota Innova Crysta

The Innova too is offered with a petrol engine to lower the costs. This manages to squeeze 2 variants under the 20 lakh mark. It not only comes in 7 seater version but also an 8 seater version comes at Rs 19.80 lakh. Now the Innova Crysta is not really advisable to buy with a petrol engine as it will not give great mileage but if you are considering the diesel it goes beyond the Rs 20 lakh mark.

Innova india

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Mahindra XUV500

This car is soon going to be discontinued and the XUV700 is going to hit the market as a new 7 seater. This will come a 5 seater and fall in the Hyundai Creta Segment. As of now, the car is a 7 seater and so it makes it to the list. At Rs 17.24 Lakh you can get the base variant and the highest variant goes up to Rs 24.17 Lakh. Under Rs 20 lakh you can buy the W7 diesel manual as the topmost variant. 

Mahindra XUV500 launch

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MG Hector Plus

MG Hector plus is a 7 seater version of the MG Hector. Under Rs 20 lakh you can buy 6 variants of this SUV. You can access all 3 engine options of which one is the hybrid. No automatic variant of the MG Hector Plus is available for under Rs 20 lakh.

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Mahindra Scorpio

The Scorpio is a 7 seat that has grown in terms of price quite well. Recently a base variant of the Scorpio had been launched which dropped its price to Rs 14.73 lakh. The top model of the Scorpio comes with a 2.2-litre diesel engine at a price of Rs 20.09 lakh.

2018 Mahindra Scorpio facelift rear motion

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Mahindra Marazzo

Mahindra Marazzo is an MPV which comes in both 8 seaters and 7 seater configuration. You can buy any variant of this car under Rs 20 lakh as the price of the top model of the car is Rs 17.03 lakh.

Mahindra Marazzo Front

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Maruti Ertiga

We are considering the Maruti Ertiga and not the XL6 as the Ertiga is truly a 7 seater. The XL6 comes with captain seats and so the car is technically a 6 seater. The base model of the Maruti Ertiga starts at Rs 9.08 lakh and it goes up to Rs 12.45 lakh. You get only a petrol engine option but there is an option of an automatic gearbox.

Maruti Ertiga

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Mahindra Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero is considered to be a last-mile commuter. The tough exterior and the 7 seater layout of the car makes it a good people carrier over bad roads. The Mahindra Bolero has minimal interiors. The price of this 7 seater starts at Rs 9.82 Lakh and goes up to Rs 10.99 Lakh. Many still consider this a very value for money when it comes to 7 seaters under Rs 20 lakh.


Mahindra Bolero

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Renault Triber

Renault had introduced this as an affordable 7 seater. This car has a 1.0-litre engine and is expected to come with a turbocharged engine soon. The car feels underpowered right now and a Turbo engine is expected to make things better. The last row of seats is removable in case you want to use this car as a 5 seater. The starting price of this car is Rs 6.21 Lakh and the prices go up to Rs 9.11 Lakh.

Renault Triber AMT

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7 seaters under Rs 20 lakh Datsun Go+

Datsun had also tried to enter the Indian market with a 7 seater called the Datsun Go+ This starts at a price of Rs 5.06 lakh. It’s not very successful but is something unique and can be looked at before considering the Renault Triber.


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