Ladakh is the dream destination for a lot of people. Bike rides to Ladakh have become very famous in the past decade and there is always an aspiration in a biker to go to Ladakh. The biggest question that he has in his mind is… WHICH BIKE SHOULD I TAKE TO LADAKH? Here are 5 bikes we think are the best bikes to ride to Ladakh. All of these Ladakh bikes are Adventure Tourers but there is no denying the fact that people have achieved this with even scooters and small commuter motorcycles.

Tiger 900 GT

This is the one of the best machines out there in India which you can take to Ladakh. The engine is reliable and the latest changes to it give it the low-end grunt which was missing in the older versions. The Tiger 900 GT has only one downside and that is if you are stuck with some major problem with the bike then you will have to get your bike towed to the city and then get it fixed. It is a fairly complicated machine and local mechanics refrain from experimenting with it.

Tiger 900

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Benelli TRK500X

Now the TRK 500X is a low budget bargain if you look at the feel and practicality that this bike offers. It is a huge bike and it gives the feeling of a BMW 1250 GSA. In terms of pricing, this bike is cheap and is one of the most easily acquirable big adventure tourer in terms of money. Also with the 500X, you get the whole travel package which includes the panniers and certain other accessories which make this out of the showroom and off on a ride.

Benelli TRK 500X

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KTM 250 Adventure

The reason we are suggesting the 250 Adventure instead of 390 is that the 390 has electronics. Lesser the electronics better is the bike when it comes to solving problems and also it is cheaper. That does not mean that you should not consider the 390 Adventure because as whole package it is better. The route to Ladakh can be tough and you are bound to face problems. So it is better to have a mechanical machine than to have a supercomputer on wheels.

White KTM

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Hero Xpulse 200

The Hero Xpulse is the most affordable bike you can take to Ladakh. It does have an underpowered engine which will suffer power loss at high altitudes. In the BS6 iteration, the bike has become smoother. The mounting points for the luggage are not factory fitted but it’s not that difficult to get it fixed from aftermarket shops.

Hero Xpulse 200

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Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan is the most obvious among the list of Ladakh bikes. It is very mechanical and has the right supporting equipment to go for a difficult Ladakh adventure. With the new 2021 update, the bike also gets a new tripper which is a navigation device and comes as standard fitment.

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