Hatchbacks are base cars in most brand lineups. They are usually the entry points in the brand. With their low price, they attract a lot of people. But there are a few exceptions. Here are 5 failed Hatchbacks that you should know.

Renault Pulse

Renault pulse was introduced in 2012. The car was a rebadged Nissan Micra. From its introduction, it did well till 2015. With more compact SUVs entering the market and people upgrading, sales dropped so low that they had to stop the production. The Pulse and Scala were both discontinued in 2017 when the sales for Pulse were 0 units. The highlight of the car was that it came with a really good CVT gearbox.

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Maruti A-Star

This car was introduced in 2008. It had a 1.2-litre K-series engine. This was a very compact car and was a really good city runabout. It also was the easiest car to drive around the city. This car did the majority of its sales and profit from exports. In India Maruti had 3 cars below it which did offer more for the money, making this car look overpriced. Another factor was the cars like the Hyundai i10, when the exports were stopped and the demand fell in 2014 the plug was pulled on this car.

Mahindra Verito Vibe

The Mahindra Verito Vibe was a hatchback made from the Mahindra Verito. It does not give a proper hatchback as it is made by cutting down on the boot of the sedan. It also has this weird boot that opens at the bottom of the rear window. The car came in 2013 with a petrol engine but the Mahindra Verito came with a diesel engine too. This car gave good mileage and was a good product but the Hatchback market did not find it appealing.

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Daewoo Matiz

This odd-looking hatchback was introduced in 1998. This car had a 796cc petrol engine which made 52 bhp and 71 Nm of torque. These power figures were humble and it gave a mileage of 18.5 km/litre. The Matiz was big and roomy and had a large window area. This car had odd looks and that was the first reason why not a lot of people bought it. Lastly, the Maruti 800 killed this car with its staggering sales. This car was relaunched under the Beat moniker by Chevrolet but it too did not do so well in India.

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