With passing time, cars have become more and more advanced. In-vehicle technologies have been enhanced to make the overall experience of driving a car really fun and convenient for the user. One of those technologies is the Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. These two additions bind your main infotainment units to your phone interface, connecting them with each other and helping you use the main unit as conveniently as your phone. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.

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Hands-free calling

Android Auto calling

With the phones now integrated into your main unit, you can connect with your contacts via call, without having to pick up your phone. Moreover, when connected to the main unit, you can talk using the cabin mic and the output can be heard via the main speakers, making it really convenient to talk while focusing on the road.

Maps & Navigation

Android Auto maps

With the phone directly connected to your car, viewing maps becomes really easy. Rather than looking at a small screen, the maps are clearly shown on the big screen present in the cabin. You can use the infotainment unit to normally type the destination address and select the best route, as simply as you would do directly on the phone. Also, the settings on the application will allow you to select audio navigation if you wish to hear turn-by-turn direction via the main car speakers.

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Android Auto messaging

Like other normal phone functions, readers can also view their messages on the main screen. With this availability, the driver does not need to focus a lot on the small mobile screens. Also, with speech-to-text available, you can automatically reply to your messages.

Third-party app integration

With updates, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay have started supporting third-party applications as well. You can directly use apps like Spotify, Gaana, Amazon Music and many others to stream and listen to songs or podcasts without having to go through your phone again and again.

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Voice Control

When mobile phones are connected to the car, you can also use your default voice assistants viz. Google Assistant for Android Auto and Siri for Apple CarPlay, to give commands. With audio commands, you can perform various functions verbally. This helps in directly getting tasks done without having to take eyes off the road. You can reap the benefits of Android Auto & Apple CarPlay in multiple situations.

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