With car sales figures for the previous month coming in, Maruti WagonR has successfully replaced Swift as the best-selling car for the month of April. Maruti sold 18,656 units of the WagonR whereas 18,316 units of the Swift. In this article, we will understand why Maruti WagonR is India’s best-selling car. Let’s go.

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Cabin space & comfort

MAruti WagonR

Maruti WagonR is a tall car. Due to this factor, the car offers plenty of headroom inside the cabin. Also, the cabin feels much spacious giving the whole interior an airy feel. Customers prefer a vehicle that offers plenty of space on the inside. Also, the cabin feels comfortable, offering good knee room for the passengers, especially when travelling for long distances.

Engine Refinement


The WagonR comes powered by a 1.0-litre K10B engine that makes 67bhp and 90Nm of torque. It also gets a 1.2-litre K12M engine that makes 82bhp and 113Nm of torque. Apart from these, the WagonR also has a CNG option to offer. The variety of engine options makes it suitable for many. However, what majorly matters is the refinement. Maruti engines are known to be smooth and reliable. This adds up to making WagonR a fun to drive car.

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Maruti Service


Maruti Suzuki is renowned in the country for its large service network. Maruti service centres are widely spread making them easily available. Also, spare parts are easy to find. This makes ownership of a Maruti car quite easy. Customers do not have to worry about finding a service centre in case of any unforeseen events.

Resale Value

WagonR best-selling car

Due to the wide service network and the easy ownership of Maruti cars, they are much preferred in the used car market as well. This directly increasing their resale value, and high resale value directly results in more Maruti cars being bought.

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Value for money

WagonR best-selling car

Cars from Maruti are known to offer a lot of value to buyers. The cars are budget-friendly, are easy to maintain, are reliable and are easily serviceable. All this adds up to make cars from Maruti very user-friendly, which most people would naturally prefer.

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