Royal Enfield is planning to bring a new cruiser based on the Meteor with a bigger engine. Now we have spotted 4 Royal Enfield 650cc bikes testing together. In this article we will discuss in detail the test bikes that were spotted. We will talk about what do we see here and what will our expectations be.


The bikes spotted are allegedly seen with the 650cc parallel-twin engine. This engine is the same as the Royal Enfield Interceptor. Between the 4 bikes, there are no changes in the engine. All 4 have the same-looking engine. The only difference that comes is the exhaust which is blacked out on certain test bikes. Could it be for style, testing, a different variants? We will have to wait and see.

Royal Enfield 650cc bikes

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In terms of design, it has a low seat position and the handlebars are a bit raised. The bike has the same tail setup as the Royal Enfield Meteor. We are calling it the Royal Enfield Cruiser for now as there have been many names that the company has trademarked and online rumors have been rampant about it being called different things. Nothing has been confirmed by the company as of now.

Royal Enfield 650cc bikes

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As of now, there are no rivals in the cruiser market. The only bikes from other manufacturers are the Bajaj Avenger and the Suzuki Intruder. The Java 42 and Perak are somewhere in between and do not directly compete with the Royal Enfield bikes. This bike will be in a league of it’s own with its engine unless Honda responds back with the Rebel 500.

Royal Enfield 650cc bikes

With the introduction of the Royal Enfield 650 cruiser, it might bring one more affordable twin-cylinder bike which we all want in this market. The launch date for this bike is not fixed. As of now, the news is that Royal Enfield will first bring the updated Classic 350 with the new engine and frame. This Royal Enfield Classic is also going to get a different instrument cluster.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Instrument cluster breakdown

Royal Enfield 650cc bikes

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Royal Enfield had nailed the pricing with the Interceptor and we think that they might nail it with this 650 cruiser too. Expect it to be under Rs 3.5 lakhs (on-road Mumbai). These 4 Royal Enfield 650cc bikes might in to have 4 variants. As seen on the Meteor there are 3 variants. Let us know in the comment what more do you want to know about these Royal Enfield 650cc bikes.

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