Taking your bike off-road is a dream that you might have. Now there are a few ways in which you can upgrade your bike so that taking it offroad becomes easy. In this article, we are going to take a look at 5 such offroading bike upgrades which we think will be necessary if you want to take your bike on a trail.

Raised Handlebar

The handle of a bike needs to be raised if you want a comfortable and more in control riding posture offroad. If you have a lower handle bar then the pressure while braking, acceleration and maneuvering will come on your wrists and it will end up in soreness, less control and discomfort after your session.

Honda to bring an Adventure bike

Bash plate

Taking your non-offroad bike on a trail exposes your engine to hits. This might turn your offroading experience in a pocket hole. To prevent this get a good quality engine guard. Make sure that you see that the whole engine area is protected with a heavy duty bash plate. The cost of these will be far less than what you might have to pay to get your engine repaired after damage.


Going offroad require ground clearance, dampening the shocks of going over rough terrain and being more stable on uneven ground. Having good suspension is very essential for this. Also, you don’t want all the jolts transferring to you from the handlebar. So make sure that you get a good long-travel suspension and tune it well.

Serrated Footpegs

Having a good grip with big offroad boots is necessary. These serrated footpegs help to increase the grip even in mud and slush. Make sure that you get adjustable footpegs. These will help to improve the grip on the bike with both normal boots and even while you have riding boots.

Knuckle Guards

This is the very basic upgrade that you should have on your bike if you want to take offroad. These will protect your knuckles if you are heading for a tight trial. Also, these might come in hand if you drop your bike as it will prevent the levers from braking.

These are some of the offroading bike upgrades that we will recommend you. Want to know more? Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane YoutubeGoogle NEWSFacebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.


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