In India buying a scooter has a perception that you do not care about performance. You don’t always need to compromise performance while buying scooters. Here are 3 scooters that you should consider while buying scooters in India.

TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Ntorq 125 is the most affordable offering when it comes to high-performance scooters in India. It has 3 variants. Over the other scooters, this has beefier tyres which give it better grip and handling. At Rs  99,471 this scooter is really a good pick if you want a peppy offering under a lakh. 

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Aprilia SR 160

This was the first performance scooter for India. It was first introduced with a 150cc engine. Now it comes with a 160cc engine after the BS6 update. This scooter has a top speed of 90 but the scooter can do very quick acceleration. The downsides for this scooter are a bad service network and poor resale value. At Rs 1,36,441 this scooter does go into the performance bike segment. 

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Aprilia SXR 160

The SXR 160 uses the same engine as the SR and has different styling. This scooter offers comfort along with performance. The price of this scooter is even higher at Rs 1,52,081.But it really lures a different type of audience. It is for someone who value more versatility and becomes a good options for the highway and the city.

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We are expecting more scooters to turn up in this new age of high performance scooters. As more scooter like the Yamaha NMax 155 and Honda PCX enter the market we might have some competition which will lead to more people turning towards this segment.

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