Over the years, cars have become really modern. Gone are the days when cars were just a mean of reaching from point A to point B. Cars need to be loaded with features these days to compete with the competition. One of the essential features is connected car technology. Connected cars add safety and convenience to the product. In this article, we will discuss 5 essential features of connected car technology.

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Real-time vehicle tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is an essential feature that comes really handy when you are not in the car and have given it to somebody else. With real-time tracking, you can track the exact routes that the car is taking, and can reach out to the driver if you feel something is out of place. An extension to real-time vehicle tracking is geo-fencing. With this feature, you can set a diameter for vehicle movement, moving out of which will send you a notification. This feature is extremely essential when you have hired a driver for your car.

Stolen Vehicle immobilization

connected car technology features

This is one of the most essential features that come with connected car technology. As the name suggests, a stolen vehicle can be remotely immobilized in case of theft. The presence of this feature gives the owner a sense of security.

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Health Diagnosis


With cars becoming complicated day by day, there are many things that go unnoticed. With the health diagnosis feature, the user can look at the essential data and identify any errors or malfunctions in the car without having to check physically. This provides two benefits; one, a lot of physical work is saved, adding convenience and second, the car becomes easy to maintain, saving loss of time & money.

Remote Engine Start/Stop

Kia Sonet Remote cool

The remote engine start/stop feature comes extremely handy mainly during varied weather conditions. For instance, during hot scorching summer days, a user can remotely switch on the car and switch on the AC, setting it to low temperature. This will cool the cabin in advance. On the contrary, during winter, the temperature can be set to high, making the cabin warm in advance.

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Emergency Assistance

connected car technology features

With this feature, essential services like ambulance and police assistance are just a click away. In case of emergency, pressing the SOS button on the IRVM will connect the user to the call centre that will directly contact essential services to provide speedy help to the user in need.

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