A car can only achieve smooth running when various functioning parts work in harmony with each other. Even a single mismatched or misplaced part will clearly affect the overall driving experience. Tyres are also counted when it comes to factors that affect the aforementioned thing. Most people when buying tyres do not keep certain things in mind which later come back to bite them in form of poor driving experience, or reduced performance or reduced fuel efficiency. This article will deal with how to choose the right tyres for your car. Let’s go.

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Type of tyre

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Basically, there are two types of tyres viz. tubeless and tube tyre. The tubeless tyre weighs better in terms of benefits compared to the conventional tube tyres. The tubeless tyres, as the name suggests, have no inner tube. Meaning in the case of a puncture, the tyre loses air gradually as it is airtight from all other places except the puncture point. This results in better control of the car in case of unknown punctures. The tubed tyre on the other hand loses air pretty quickly. If a puncture does happen at high speed, it would not take long before the tyre goes flat. This sudden effect could even lead to major accidents as the overall balance of the car would be heavily affected.

Size of tyre

One major thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that the new tyre should be of the exact size, load index and speed rating as specified on the original tyres. A brand decides the final tyre size for a car only after the car has undergone multiple tests. The tyre size specified by the company has been set to provide optimum performance and fuel efficiency. People make the mistake of buying tyres of different specification which are sure to affect the overall driving experience. However, if you upgrade to alloy wheels, the tyres would also need a change unless the alloy width matches the width of the steel rim.

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Type of tread on the tyre

Tread patterns play a very crucial which many people tend to ignore. There are mainly three types of treads viz. symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional. The first type is the one found commonly in everyday cars. They are cheap to manufacture. Also, they significantly control the noise from the road and help in reducing fuel consumption. Being symmetrical, they can be fitted in either direction. Coming to asymmetrical tyres, they are the ones commonly found on sports cars. They provide gripping capabilities in both dry and wet conditions. The inner side provides grip in wet conditions & helps in displacing blocked water and the outer side is for providing better cornering while driving at high speeds. The directional treads are the third types. They are basically used for better water displacement and have to be set in a single direction only. These are valuable for cars that have to regularly travel in wet conditions.

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Tyre material

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The material of which the tyre is made also plays a significant role in different weather conditions. For instance, the summer tyres need to grip better with the road surface during warm conditions, so the material is selected according to it to provide maximum grip. As for winter tyres, they are made of more natural rubber so that they do not harden in cold conditions and can easily displace ice and water, providing optimum grip simultaneously.

Tyre quality

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After all the above-mentioned checks are done for choosing the right tyres for car, the final thing that needs to be checked is the overall quality of the tyre. The tyres should be of reputed manufacturers that provide a warranty. Also, the manufacturing date needs to be checked so that you do not end up with a batch of tyres that were lying around in the stock for quite some time.

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