There are a lot of myths when it comes to how to use and maintain your vehicle. In this article, we are going to see 5 such myths which you should not believe. Also, there will be a logical explanation of why these myths are just false.

Premium fuel will increase engine power

A lot of believe that using higher octane or premium fuel will make their bike faster. This is totally false and higher octane fuel does not increase power in any way. So are fuel companies exploiting us? No, the fuel is good for the bikes and cars which run on higher compression. This fuel reduces stress on the engine and burns completely before the next cycles. On a small capacity vehicle it does not make any difference.

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Oil change every 4000km

Changing oil is good but make sure that you change it at your own judgment. Companies do tell you to change oil every 4000kms but this is done to increase oil sales and as a marketing strategy. Although this does no harm to your vehicle, it is heavy on your wallet if you use a good quality expensive oil. Also, make sure that you make use of the dip stick to determine if an oil change is needed.

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A brand new cars always bad mileage

Most cars today come from the factory with the engine run-in. Yes, with bikes there is a break-in period where oil and metal surfaces are coming up to a state of wear that will determine the performance of the vehicle but for a car you can start driving it like you want and be fine about the mileage not suffering. Also if you want better mileage, instead of being nervous about the whole situation get a driving lesson which will help you drive better and smoothly.

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Manual Transmission = Better mileage

A lot of people buy manual cars as they are expected to give better mileage. Well if you are a regular city driver who rarely hits the highway a manual car and an automatic does not have a very big mileage difference. Manual cars shine on the highway where they have the flexibility to choose gear irrespective of the speeds that one is maintaining. In an automatic, we are here talking about a CVT, the work load in the engine reduces if you are cruising at a constant speed. In that scenario, a CVT automatic is much fuel-efficient than a manual transmission car.

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Different brand fuel will damage the car

In the city, we do have to fill up at different gas stations. Does different brand fuel harm your car? It could not always cause harm. The problem here we are trying to address is that there are a few fuel pumps that are company run and some which are owned by private owners. The company fuel pumps do not try to make a profit by the amount of fuel sold. So there is less chance that you get bad mixed fuel there. At private fuel pumps, there might be a chance that you might end up with mixed fuel in your vehicle. So to be safe one should try and refuel at the same pump.

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  • Lies and misinformation about oil is all over the internet, youtube, and sales ads these days.
    The FACT is the only type of oil that matters is CLEAN oil.
    Your $15 a quart unicorn oil won’t protect an engine any better than the generic $1.50 a quart oil at normal oil change intervals.
    And if you are going beyond 5,000 miles between changes you are simply BEGGING for problems regardless what some “lab” says.
    I speak from 40+ years as a mechanic that has had to repair all the unicorn oil cars and all the “extended” oil change disasters.
    Oil is cheap, engines are expensive, CHANGE YOUR OIL OFTEN!

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