The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a bike that is loved by everyone. This bike has a 411cc engine. This is the go-to adventure bike in India. Here are our 5 Himalayan expectations that we think will make the bike better.

Liquid-cooled engine

The current engine is an Air/oil-cooled unit. It does heat up and the performance is not that great. A high revving motor with liquid cooling might give the bike a different character to compete with rivals.

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Improved Ground Clearance

Being an adventure bike, the Himalayan does not have great ground clearance. Also, the soft suspension sags and reduces this further. The company should work on how they could increase the ground clearance. Also, the seat height of this bike is quite low and can be increased a bit if needed.

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Digital Instrument Cluster

The analog speedometer on the current bike is functional but it lacks the charm of a modern bike. Also giving a digital display unit will make the bike look a bit more modern and attract a few customers. Also, it will be a bit more accurate as the fuel gauge is quite whimsical on the Himalayan 2021.

Himalayan expectations Speedo Meter

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Better Brakes

Brakes have been under constant improvement since the Himalayan had been introduced. Giving it a bigger disc and better material for the brakes might improve the braking performance. Also, the levers on the bike are a bit too long and heavy. It should get foldable levers along with adjustability so even if you drop the bike it might not cause damage to the levers.

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Currently, the Royal Enfield Himalayan gets a halogen light setup. We expect that the bikes gets a LED light setup which is a projector unit. This would improve the visibility of the bike and for the rider too. Royal Enfield should offer auxiliary lights in their accessories list.

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  • More power & torque along with 6th gear is needed

  • RE Himalayan is what it is, raw naked adv bike, for a cost efficetiveness. Additional of these features means price increase. Rather one then goto KTM Adv or BMW.