Every major brand in the world has already started developing products that are future-ready, by which we mean EVs. Countries and brands have started coming together to reduce the carbon footprint of humans on this planet for a sustainable future. Some countries have already started adopting EVs and have set deadlines to go carbon-free. Now, a major brand, Honda, has stepped forward and has claimed that it would completely let go of internal combustion engines by 2040. In this article, we will discuss Honda’s future plans of going electric.

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What does this claim actually mean?

With Honda claiming to completely let go of IC engines, it does mean completely. This means that the brand would not have hybrids also. It will only produce cars that are either fully electric or are powered by fuel cells. The brand does have two products currently that are future-ready; one, the Honda e, the brand’s fully electric vehicle, and two, the Clarity Fuel Cell.

What is Honda doing in this direction?

Honda has started developing EVs with large batteries in partnership with General Motors. The brands are using GM’s Ultium battery technology that the latter has developed with LG. With Ultium battery technology, the cars would have ranges close to 725km on a single charge. These range numbers are expected to increase as the technology further develops. Honda, singlehandedly is also developing an electric platform called the ‘e:Architecture’ for its future EVs. Honda is not just committing to EVs but also to products powered by hydrogen. The brand will use hydrogen technology not just in cars but also in commercial trucks as well.

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What deadlines have other brands set for their future cars?

Many other automobile giants have also set fixed timelines by which they will go all-electric. Jaguar is probably one of the only brands that will go all-electric by as soon as 2025. Land Rover on the other hand will take a decade more than Jaguar to go all-electric. Bentley, Volvo and GM have also planned to go electric by 2035. Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are expected to completely shun IC engines by 2040.

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