There is a lot of misconception about modification laws in India. In this article, we are going to know more about the modifications that are legal and the right way to do them. Also, this includes information about the restrictions that are there in modifying cars.

Restrictions on Aftermarket Accessories

Most of the modifications mentioned below are to be done under the permissible limit. Aftermarket accessories like bullbars are hindrances to the safety mechanism of the cars.

Also adding IRVM screen mirrors is not allowed. Other modifications like door protectors, body kits and rain guards can be added to your car. One can not modify the number and structure of seats in a car. It has to remain in stock. Also adding aftermarket steering wheels is not allowed but a leather wrap or add-ons to the steering wheel are permitted.

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Getting your car painted in the same colour is allowed. If you are planning on changing the colour it needs to go for a pre-approval from RTO. This is done to reduce criminal offences which can be covered up by painting a car in a different colour.
Also one can get their car wrapped in any colour without any RTO approval or permission. This will keep the car’s original paint intact and prevent it from damage from the sun and small stones that might chip the paint.

Structural Changes

No structural changes are allowed on any vehicle. If you want to extensively modify the structure of the car you need permissions from the ARAI and these are not easy to get. Here you need to give a legitimate reason for the modification and after that, the car doesn’t necessarily get road-legal status.

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Installing horns is allowed. The horn is not supposed to exceed the 80 dB mark. Multitone and musical horns are completely prohibited. We suggest that you should be really considerate while picking a loud horn and also use it even more considerately.

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Engine Swap

This has to be done with prior intimation and confirmation from the RTO. Both the new engine and the car has to be inspected. Also, the new engine can not exceed the original capacity of the engine sold by the manufacturer. Also tuning the engine also needs prior RTO permission and inspection in the later stage.

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Tyres and Wheels

Both the wheels and tyres should not be highly oversized. If they jut out of the wheel arch or have spaces then it is completely illegal. The wheel modification law has been kept vague because then a person can modify his base variant car to a top variant if needed.

Changing the exhaust is illegal under the modification laws. Still we see a lot of cars with changed intake and exhaust which could attract a lot of fines if caught.

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Overall there are a lot hindrances to modifying cars in India but we have seen our aftermarket flourish in the performance, luxury and fabrication department. Even with archeic modification laws, people have a lot of tasteful modified cars and if a low profile is kept, then there is no issue when it comes to an enthusiast enjoying his car and not breaking speeding laws or causing a misdemeanor incident. Modifying your car must be done with the help of an expert and make sure you do them and use them without attracting the wrath of the police.

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