Mercedes Benz with the S-Class has constantly redefined what luxury truly means. The brand has again integrated some new things that make this luxurious car even more special. In this article, we will discuss 5 features of the Mercedes S-Class.

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Improved MBUX

MBUX is Mercedes’ flagship system that integrates the touchscreen infotainment unit with interaction capabilities that let the driver and passengers interact with their car. The MBUX has now reached its second generation and will debut with this new Mercedes S-Class. The car now gets up to 5 OLED screens which include vehicle communication and comfort functions. With the updated system, the driver can enable a 3D display without having to wear 3D glasses. This takes the whole user experience to another level. Along with this, augmented reality comes integrated with HUD in order to show information like turn arrow. Also, the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant has been developed even further for enhanced user experience.

Modern seats

The S-Class now gets seats with enhanced comfort. The front seats get up to 19 motors in them that reflect the level of technology used in them. Also, the seats have not only been developed keeping the comfort in mind but also the overall well-being of the passengers. The seats have been approved by the Healthy Seating campaign. The new S-Class also has 10 different massaging programs. Also, the seats can be configured according to the resting or working area.

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Intelligent Suspensions

The car uses the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension to combine comfort, agility and safety simultaneously. The suspension lifts the main body by 3 inches when the radar sensors sense a potential event of a side crash. This enables the body to absorb major energy from the crash, providing much better protection to the passengers on the inside.

Enhanced steering capabilities

The Mercedes S-Class comes with rear-axle steering that can allow up to 10 degrees of steering angle. This results in much better manoeuvrability which helps such a big car like this to steer easily.

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Drive Pilot

Drive Pilot is basically a Mercedes’ program to make its cars compatible with automated driving. The cars can go up to 60kmph in places with high traffic density. The technology is used to tailgate cars as well.

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