Luxury cars depreciate quite a lot. Getting a luxury car under 10 lakhs might sound very lucrative because in this scenario one is trying to get maximum bang for their buck. So here is a list of used luxury cars under Rs 10 lakh.

Audi A6

Keep a lookout for a used Audi A6. A 10-year-old Audi A6 might cost somewhere close to Rs 6 to 7 lakhs. It might be a good deal depending on how the interiors of the car are. Usually, there aren’t issues with the car in terms of reliability. Look out for service record as a 10-year-old car is likely to be serviced out of authorized service centers.

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A used BMW X1 20d can cost from as high as Rs 9.75 lakhs and go as low as Rs 7.99 lakhs. Most of these cars are 7 to 8 years old. Check the underbody for damage if the car has taken a beating. Do make sure that you go for a model that is later than 2013 or later. Check for wear on the leather and dashboard.

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Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class which is the 2011 model might be priced at Rs 7.5 lakhs. Getting an E-class at that price will be a very good deal. Do make sure that it is the facelifted model. Also, check for the engine and rusting issues. Also, take a look if the odometer has tampered with or not. If the interiors of the car are in a rough shape then you can use it as a bargaining point for your offer. For old Mercedes do check with their Pre-Owned division and see what cars they have.


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BMW 3 Series

The cost of a used BMW 3 series can go from Rs 5.45 lakhs for a 10-year-old model to Rs 9.5 lakh. Also, the 3 series is a great car to own. It gives you both sports and luxury and if you are getting something this cheap then do check for the engine. These cars usually have been used hard. Old 3 series are not very hard to maintain and can be serviced by the local mechanic.

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Mercedes C-class

Last in our list is the Mercedes C-Class. This car would be there if you can not find a good E-class or if you want a newer car in the same price. It does miss out on some features but there is a lot this car can offer more than just the Mercedes badge. It’s fun to drive and quite comfortable.

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