Maruti Suzuki Celerio was the brand’s first car to come with an automatic gearbox. The Celerio initiated the trend of budget-friendly automatics in the country. The car saw huge success as it made driving a car very convenient for people who either wanted to shift from a manual gearbox to an automatic gearbox or for those who were new to driving and wanted a hassle-free driving experience. The Maruti Celerio is now ready for an update which is coming next month. In this article, we will discuss the 5 features we want on the upcoming Maruti Celerio.

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Cruise control

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Customers are leaning towards more and more convenient features that can make driving a car easy and relaxing. One feature that greatly helps in this matter is cruise control. With cruise control, the drivers get to relax their constantly working feet. Due to a much-relaxed driving, the driver feels less tired. This feature if added to the upcoming Maruti Celerio would greatly enhance its value.

Rear AC vents

Rear AC vents

Rear AC vents are becoming really common with passing time. Although these features are actually useful for big cars, however, adding one to the Celerio would enhance the practicality of the cabin. Also, the 2nd-row passengers would get to quickly cool down during hot summer days.

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Connected car technology

Cars have become really modern with all sorts of technologies present to make owning a car hassle-free. Connected car technology greatly helps in this area. Although we do not expect to see very modern connected car tech features come with the Celerio, however, basic connected car features like vehicle tracking, vehicle alerts and driving analysis should be made available.

Automatic climate control

upcoming Maruti Celerio

Cars have become really smart due to the heavy integration of electronics. The electronics on the car can identify the outside temperature and set the cabin temperature accordingly. This feature is basically automatic climate control. The addition of this feature will further enhance the practicality of the car, adding up as another convenient feature.

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Improved touchscreen

upcoming Maruti Celerio

Maruti Suzuki uses the SmartPlay Studio in most of its cars these days. The same system should be brought to the upcoming Maruti Celerio as well. The SmartPlay Studio supports connectivity via Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, which will make it convenient for the passengers and driver to interact with the infotainment unit in a much better way.

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