Tata has been manufacturing some really impressive products since it brought the Tiago to the market. Tata entered the premium hatchback segment last year with its Altroz. The car soon turned the game around for the competition with its bold styling complimented with great interiors and cabin feel. The car is also the highest safety rated car in its segment. Recently it came to our notice that the Altroz might get a CNG variant as well. Shailesh Chandra, President of the Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle, confirmed that select models will come with factory-fitted CNG kits by FY 2021-2022. In this article, we will discuss the premium hatchbacks segment’s first CNG car, the Tata Altroz CNG. Let’s go.

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What will be different on the Tata Altroz CNG?

CNG Compact SUV

Tata Motors, if finally decides to bring a car with a CNG variant, will become the third car manufacturer to offer factory-fitted CNG kits after Maruti and Hyundai. It will however become the first manufacturer to offer a premium hatchback with a CNG kit. Coming to differences, the main difference expected is the presence of CNG badging at the rear on the exterior of the car. Also, with a CNG kit on board, the boot space is bound to decrease considerably. A major downside for many could be the fact that the final power output might decrease by some margin.

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What are the benefits of a factory-fitted CNG kit?

The main benefit of a factory-fitted CNG kit over an aftermarket kit is that an aftermarket CNG kit voids the warranty which is not the case with the factory-fitted ones. Also, a factory-fitted CNG assures much better safety when compared to the aftermarket. This happens due to the genuineness of the parts used. Moreover, with a CNG kit on board, Altroz will be able to deliver much better mileage figures compared to its gasoline counterpart. It will create less pollution compared to IC engines as well. Along with these benefits to the customers, a CNG variant of the Altroz will also help Tata market this product for commercial purposes.

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What will remain the same?

Altroz iTurbo

The Tata Altroz looks very stylish and sporty. We expect Tata to not change much on the car other than the changes mentioned above. The Altroz CNG will provide great ride quality along with ample space inside the cabin. The features are also expected to be similar to the regular Altroz.

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