The car business is not just limited to showroom sales. The car modification aftermarkets also have a huge business not just in the country, but also globally. Buyers love to customize their cars and accessorize them according to their convenience and taste. However, with some modifications, they forget to realize that it might have nullified their car’s warranty, which creates huge problems later on. On the contrary, there are modifications that you can do which will still keep your car’s warranty intact. In this article, we will discuss the aftermarket accessories that do not void the warranty. Let’s go.

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Seat covers

Seat covers

Changing or adding seat covers to a car is the most basic modification that a buyer generally does. Changing the seat covers does not void the warranty, given the side airbags do not get blocked due to it. If the side airbags are found to be blocked, that would lead to the direct cancellation of the warranty.

Audio Systems

Honda HRV touchscreen

Buyers have over the years have developed a taste for listening to good music while travelling in a car as well. People upgrade the audio systems by putting better quality speakers. Also, they upgrade to aftermarket touchscreen infotainment systems if they buy the base variant. However, the main thing that needs to kept in mind while doing these modifications is that the original wiring should not be cut. The company can directly void the warranty if the original wiring tampers.


Car LED lights

Aftermarket headlights and tail lights also have a huge business as buyers replace the stock lights with something that looks modern and cool. With time, most of these setups have come in form of plug & play. The buyers just need to plug out the original lights and replace them with the new ones. Also, they can just replace the halogen bulbs with HIDs or LED lights, which directly enhance the looks of the car. Again, the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the original wiring should not tamper. Although the HIDs and LEDs look great, they do have some disadvantages over the regular halogen lights. You can read about it in the article linked below.

Disadvantages of Car LED lights


Hyundai Creta modification 2

Upgrading tyres and alloys do not tamper with the warranty. However, the tyres and alloy combination should not be too large for the suspension to function properly. If that happens to be the case, the warranty might be nullified.


Isuzu Dmax Vcross modifications

Wrapping the car in a different colour or any other wrapping is the most basic mod that a person can get for his car. Also, wrapping the car does not void the warranty of the car.

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