There is a lot of neglected cars in India. Just because there isn’t much demand for them the manufacturers do no insist on bringing on updates. Then there are also a few cars that do not get updated even though they have moderate demand. Here is the list of cars that should get a generation update soon!

Volkswagen Polo

The VW polo is supposed to get a new generation update soon. The recently teased Polo will come to India by 2022. This update will see a considerable increase in price. The Polo which now starts at a price of Rs 7.24 lakhs and goes up to Rs 8 lakhs will increase its price to fall in the upper side of the premium hatchback segment.

Maruti Alto

This entry-level Maruti car is in desperate need of a generation update. The car will get better safety and the design will become much more contemporary. Also with the Maruti Alto if the company introduced the 1000cc engine back it might end up doing more sales than the SPresso which has got a 0-star rating in safety.

Honda Jazz

Jazz front BS6


The Honda Jazz for India was supposed to get a generation update this year instead after the BS6 switch the company continued the car with a mild facelift. In the International markets, this car is sold with a completely new design and the powertrain options are also quite different. The Honda Jazz for India should be given an update because the car could change the drop in sales figures. Last month the company sold only 700 units of this car which is quite less if we compare them with Maruti Baleno which sold 21,000 units in a just one month.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster has internationally gotten an update for 2021. We expect that Renault should bring this update for this car soon as we can then have a car that can refresh the segment it started.

Currently, the Renault Duster has priced at Rs 11.38 lakh for the base model and Rs 16.67 lakhs for the top model. There is no diesel on offer and with the update, we expect to see an introduction of a diesel engine.

Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival sold abroad is much better and very different than the model we get because in India we are still stuck with the old generation car. This is a case where we should also be getting a whole new generation car too and not be stuck with a old car while the world gets a new one.

Let us hope that all the cars mentioned above get the necessary updates by 2022. Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane YoutubeGoogle NEWSFacebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.


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