Maruti Suzuki has its business set across many countries in the world. The cars are sold in countries like South & Central America, Asia, Europe, Africa and many others. Although the cars are the same, however, they do have some key differences when they are sold in foreign markets. In this article, we will discuss Maruti Ignis in India vs abroad and see the differences.

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The Ignis in the UK, for instance, is 3700mm long, 1690mm wide and 1605m tall. On the other hand, the Ignis in the country is 3700mm long, 1690mm wide and 1595mm tall. The dimensions of both cars are nearly the same.

Exterior Design

Ignis Orange

Both the cars are very similar to each other when it comes to design cues. The cars can however be differentiated with two major elements. The Ignis available here gets a spoiler whereas the one available in the UK misses a spoiler. The Indian-spec Ignis gets 15-inch alloy wheels whereas the UK-spec Ignis gets 16-inch alloy wheels.

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Maruti Ignis Rear seat

The cars get similar interiors as well. However, some changes are present here as well. The car in the UK market, for instance, gets a 5-seater bench rear seat option along with a 4-seater option. The 4-seats come with an individual slide option allowing the passengers to adjust the legroom according to their preference.


Maruti Ignis Hybrid rear Ignis India vs abroad

Maruti Ignis in foreign markets is available with a hybrid system, which the one available here completely misses. The Hybrid car gets dedicated lithium-ion batteries due to which the fuel efficiency gets a huge bump. Also, the Ignis gets driving modes in foreign markets. 4WD, grip control and hill descent control are also some of the features that the India-spec Ignis misses.

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Ignis India vs abroad

Ignis in the foreign markets gets some advanced safety features which the Ignis misses here. Japan-spec Ignis, for instance, gets safety features like a 360-degree camera, dual camera brake support, false start suppression function, 4-airbags, lane departure warning and many others. In terms of safety, the India-spec Ignis gets features like 2-airbags, seat-belt pre-tensioner, ABS with EBD and ISOFIX child mounts.

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