Slowly as manufacturing is moving to India we will start getting bikes that were not considered for India previously. Europe gets a few bikes that are quite unique and might make for a great bike for the Indian market. India does not get these bikes on account of the high price tag and import laws. Here are few European bikes which we want in India.

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KTM Adventure 790

KTM had introduced the Duke 790 last year before the BS6 emission norms kicked in. Indians have got a taste of that engine and the same brilliant engine is in the frame of Adventure bikes. If you feel the lack of power on the Adventure 390 then plus are ready for a big bike and don’t find the offerings from Triumph, Ducati, and BMW up to your liking – this could be for you.

KTM Adventure 790

The price of this bike if it comes to India is expected to be around Rs 8 lakhs. This bike would make for a great touring machine.

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Yamaha Niken

Yamaha Niken is the most unique bike on the list. It uses the CP3 engine which is seen on other Yamaha Bikes. This is actually a 3-wheeled bike with 2 wheels at front. Just because of this trait and unique feature we would like to see this India. And also the touring capability that it will enhance for adventure riders.

Yamaha Niken

This bike when it was first launched in Europe cost Rs 12 lakh back in the year 2018. The 2021 model is expected to cost about Rs 15 lakh. The 847cc engine makes about 115 bhp and 87 Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 210 km/h. The Yamaha Niken also has good stability in the corners because of its twin front wheel design. Also the braking performance it better than most other bikes as there is more to grip.

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Husqvarna 701

This is a café racer with a very good engine to support it. This bike is expected at a price of Rs 7 lakhs in the Indian Market. It gets a 692cc engine which makes about 75 bhp of power. The design and the styling of the bike is a very modern classic which makes the buyer feel justified spending that amount of money.



BMW K1600 Grand America

This bike used to be sold in India. We wish that it comes back in the BS6 iteration. The price of this bike is very high at Rs 31,45,000. Along with that the 1600cc engine that comes on this bike is also the key factors why this bike is great for touring. The only bike that beats this bike is the Honda Gold wing with its flat – 6 engine layout. This bike gets an inline 6 relaxed engine which makes 158 bhp and 175 nm of torque.

BMW Grand America

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Honda Rebel 500X

Honda is expected to bring this European bike to India soon. This will sport a 500cc engine that we see on the CB500X. Looking at the high price tag of the CB500X we might also expect a similar price tag on the Rebel too. The Rebel 500X will have a top speed of 175 km/h and it will do 0-100 in 5.9 sec

Rebel 500.

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