The Hero Xpulse 200 has seen good success as an affordable dual sport for adventure seekers. Now there are expectations that Hero will take this a step further with the Hero Xpulse 400 (there is no official name till now) and give riders of the brand a bigger better and more capable bike. So what can we expect to see on the Hero Xpulse 400? Will that bike turn out true on our expectations of an allrounder or a more hardcore off-roader? Let’s see what we have got below.

Xpulse 400 concept

The Xpulse 400 concept that was shown at the CIT center is intriguing to say the least. As you can see below, the bike which has been semi-covered consists of a brand new trellis frame and a new swing arm. This frame might facilitate higher ground clearance but it might also drastically raise the seat height. This bigger displacement bike will still have a single cylinder engine. The exhaust will continue to be a high swung unit. When it comes to electricals, ergonomics and tyres we think it’s too early to speculate. This photo below really shows off the frame.


Hero Adventure frame

Other things about this frame have been explained in a previous article and you should read more about it by clicking below.

What happened to Hero Adventure Bike?

What is Expected?

A close to 400cc engine is expected from this bike. There are chances that the engine will be liquid-cooled and have a higher compression ratio. It is expected that the low-end grunt might be compromised for some power for the highway. This could be compensated by offering a bigger sprocket at the rear.

Xpulse 400

Hero Xpulse 400 is not expected to have high top speeds but the tractability of the engine will be phenomenal. Yes we will see the bike have better highway speeds with the increased power and it will become a proper dual sport. Power could increase around 30 to 25 bhp and looking at the rivals, Hero will try to undercut them in terms of price. It will be interesting to see what this bike could be. An allrounder ADV, a better/bigger XPulse or a bit of both. we can’t wait for it.

The bike that we see in the image above is the Dakar bike from the Hero Rally Racing team. It is expected that the Hero Xpulse 400 might have the same styling and take a lot of design inspiration from it. Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane YoutubeGoogle NEWSFacebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.


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  • Xpulse is a nice bike but as for the accessories is so bad to get it .

  • Launch date

  • Hello Sir,

    I am planning to gift a bike to my sister, she is 5’5” tall.

    Please suggest me should I go for RE Meteor or Honda 350RS, either wait for upcoming Hero-Harley 300/500CC or Avenger 400 or TVS Zeppelin.

    What are the expected launch dates for them.
    I can wait to buy but have to decide right now.

    If your services are chargeable, I can pay your fee.