KTM RC 390 is a bike that has been a track-focused matching. The company did not want to hinder the consumer base of t his product and so they did not change much on this bike over years. Now that the new KTM RC 390 has been spotted a number of times while being tested in India as well abroad there are chances that this bike will see an update. Here is an account on how the new KTM RC 390 will become a more user-friendly bike.

Major Changes

The design of the new KTM RC 390 is going to be the biggest change. Internally it will get the new subframe which will make the bike much better for the pillion. Also the RC 390 will get a proper pillion seat this time.

KTM RC comparison

The headlight housing for the bike will change. It will have the same kind of headlights that we see on Adventure 390. This will result in better illumination and there will be parts sharing optimising profit at the company’s end.

Probable changes

KTM RC 390 international Spec

The aggressive seating posture of the RC 390 comes from its rear-set footpegs and dropped handlebars. This might see a change in the wake of making this bike more friendly for daily use. Now we are not sure if this change but shifting a track machine to a sports tourer seems like a trend among manufacturers.


KTM RC 200 Rear close

One clear change is seen with the wheels of the new KTM RC 390. It gets 5 spoke alloy wheels which we have seen on the Husqvarna. This will result in weight savings The bike will be lighter and flickable. Lighter wheels raise one concern with the strength. We will have to wait and see when the bike launches.

KTM RC 200 Rear

The bike also gets bigger brakes. The rotor ring is quite large and thinner. More information on this will come once we see a preview of the bike.

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