Rising fuel prices are a concern that is in everyone’s mind. Now if you have a car with a big engine it is not necessary that it will drink a lot of fuel. Changing your driving style can help a lot. Here are a few ways you can increase fuel economy in your car.

Drive with a plan

Driving demand you to be alert but that does not mean you need to rely on the car in front to brake to know when to brake. If it is a familiar route or if you know that there is a crossroad ahead be prepared and get off the gas. This will automatically keep the car in optimal speed to brake without wasting more energy.

Fuel Economy - Stop lights

The same goes for stoplights. If you see an orange signal do not accelerate to get past it. Instead, just get off the gas. Braking from a high speed causes loss of fuel as the momentum generated is lost.

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Climb a Hill slowly

Now if you are driving at 50 km/h and you approach a hill then do not try to maintain the speed. Let the speed drop a bit. Trying to maintain speed will result in consuming more fuel. Also put the car in a lower gear if needed.

hill climb

Most cars nowadays are tuned for some amount of low end torque which helps to overcome a load of a hill in an optimum gear. Shifting down and keeping the revs high is just going to affect the fuel economy. If you want to increase fuel economy just makes sure that the car is in the right gear and traffic ahead is flowing.

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Engine Braking

Engine braking is the best way to increase fuel economy while going downhill. It lets you have more control over the car with the brakes being used to control the car before you get on the throttle again. Also, brakes undergo a lot of pressure if you are neutral and braking on a downhill. This might also lead to the overheating of brakes.

Fuel Economy 0 engine braking

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Close windows at high speed

aero dynamics

Assuming that you are on the highway maintaining a high speed. The best way to maximise efficiency is to close the windows. This creates lesser drag and thereby cuts the load on the engine. You might see the difference on the speedometer if you are holding a constant throttle position. Studies show a increase in 5% of fuel efficiency with the windows up.

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Maintaining lower RPMs is the best way to know about fuel economy. But there is a threshold to that. Driving in a higher gear when you are not supposed to could lead on the car to use up more fuel. This could also lead to incomplete combustion which is just wasting your fuel. In some ways short shifting if done quickly and not at optimum RPMs that aid in smooth acceleration

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