Every automotive manufacturer is running the race of providing maximum features in their products. Buyers are attracted to all sorts of feel-good features that give them the sense of driving a modern car. Companies load their top-of-the-line variants with all the features the company has planned to put on the car. However, the top variants come costly and fall outside the budget of many buyers. Buyers compensate for the costly variants by buying base or lower variants and adding accessories to them.

They look for modification shops that can help them top their cars with modern features that are offered on the top variants, and sometimes, more than what is offered on the top variant. Also, most of the times, accessories from after-market cost way less when compared to the factory-fitted stock accessories. In this article, we will discuss one such product, the Kia Sonet, and see how you can convert the Kia Sonet base variant to top variant. Let’s go.

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Exterior modifications

Kia Sonet HTX foglamps

Buyers can make the base variant look exactly like the top variant from the outside. Customers can buy original diamond-cut alloy wheels that are easily available in the after-market, and complement them with the same size of tires that the top variant gets. After this, reverse parking camera, shark fin antenna, projector fog lamps with fog lamp housing similar to the top variant and ORVMs with indicators can be added to match the functionality of the top variant as well. Chrome door handles and roof rails are also easily available as well.

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Kia Sonet base variant interior modifications

Sonet HTE (13)

The interiors of the car can also be modified to resemble the top variant‘s interior to quite some extent. The addition of ambient lighting, original roof light with sunglass holder, central locking, extra speakers & tweeters, subwoofer, leather-wrapping for the steering wheel, seat covers, floor matting and a touchscreen infotainment system can make the interiors look really premium. Also, steering mounted controls and power windows similar to the top variant can also be added to maximize the functionality of the cabin.

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