Buying Use car in current times is not advisable but if you are buying a new car then your purchase should not land you in Trouble. Here are a few things that you should check in a used car. Do read and let us know if we have missed any key checks that you should do before buying a used car.

Rusting check

Rusting should be done while buying any age of the used car. Rusting totally depends on the quality of metal and the way the vehicle has been maintained. A car can rust even if it is kept in certain conditions for a month. So make sure that your critical parts are not rusted.

Rusting in a Used car

Being a used car there will be some amount of rust. With critical parts, we mean the engine mounts, suspension mounts and chassis. The sheet metal of a car could rust and be replaced easily. Also, the cost of such repairs is low. So if the owner is offering to do so for you then ask him to lower the price and get it done yourself.

Telltale lights

Now if a car is old then it will have some amount of lights that will be seen on the dash. Now make sure if there are any error codes on the vehicle then they arent about engine check. You might not know what is wrong with the engine without a thorough inspection.

Tell tale signs

Background check

While buying a used car do a background check on the vehicle. Make sure that there are no pending loan or case on the vehicle. The best way to check for the report of a vehicle go to mParivahan and check the number of the vehicle.


Check for smoke

White smoke

If the car you are about to buy is emitting a lot of smoke then it is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the engine. Do not go for such cars. If you are getting a good deal on such cars then make sure that you show this to a mechanic and get a high side quote on the repair.

Here is a simple guide on what kind of smoke means what –

5 Signs to Avoid a Used Car


Leaks on any car are not good. If it is simple water leaking it might be something not so major. Oil and coolant leaks are something that you should look for.

Drip from a Used car

Also if you see a clear engine bay and underbelly of a car then it is a sign that it has been cleaned recently to hide some leaks. All in all, you can use these above-mentioned points to bring down the price of the vehicle. Also, it will make the car a better deal if you have a repairman who would do great work.

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