LED lights on cars look great. They add value to a variant and also make the car look modern. But these do have some disadvantage. Here are some of the disadvantages of Car LED lights. So read this and then decide if you want to upgrade to LED lights on your car!

Heating and Cooling

Car LED lights Cooling issue

LED lights work on heating and this means that they will require cooling systems. Although the light is small the cooling unit might be quite big and bulky. Also, this cooling system is what adds to the cost of the LED lights.

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Blinding Pedestrians

LED lights are quite bright. They might help in better illumination than conventional halogen lights but can also blind oncoming traffic and pedestrians who are crossing. So if your car has LED lights you should make use of these lights quite mindfully. Using a high beam on any type of lights is not good.

Car LED lights - Blinding pedestrians

Some Car LED lights are tuned such that the light on the driving side is slightly less bright than the one on the passenger side.  This avoids blinding of the oncoming traffic.

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Snow and Fog

With white colour LED lights there is a higher chance of reflection from white objects. If you are in snow or fog the white lights can prove to be a curse. The snow and fog will reflect the light and glare into your eyes.

Snow and Reflextion

Instead, if cars have conventional bulb foglamps they can work better in such a situation. We advise you that you have both types of lights on your vehicle if you live in an area with frequent snow and fog.


During fog make sure that you keep the light on a low beam and turn on your hazards. These being orange will help others see you better and not reflect back into your eye.

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The price of LED lights is quite high if you compare it with normal halogen lights. They do last longer and have better illumination. It is for you to decide if you actually need them

Car LED lights

For instance, if you just drive your car in the city for office commute then you probably do not need these powerful LED light upgrade. If all the lights on your car are while LED lights then you should consider in investing some money on yellow LED lights or covers for your headlights.

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