The Indian market is all about now finding the gaps between segments that are getting crowded. Old and new brands are trying to find their own niche in the market. One such brand is Kia Motors. The all new product is the Kia 7 seater SUV. Codenamed the KY, this car is going to be based on the Sonet compact SUV and will be revealed this month. The Kia Sonet for the Indonesian market is 4120mm in length compared to the Indian version which is 3995mm. So what is Kia up to? And what can we see in these spy shots plus what  are our overall expectations from this upcoming product?

Kia 7 seater SUV What it it?

In these spy shots, we can see the distinctive Tiger Nose grille, bumpers and headlights that belong to the Sonet compact SUV. The car will features 16-inch alloy wheels and feature the new Kia logo as well. While the wheelbase of the Kia 7 seater SUV will be the same as the Sonet, we expect the length to overall increase to somewhere close to 4200mm to 4300mm. There are many that are reporting this car to be an MPV but it clearly resembles the Sonet and is going to look and be positioned as a SUV. This will also bring it close to the dimensions of other 7 seaters – the Honda BRV and Honda Mobilio which were earlier sold in India and is still on sale in Indonesia and Thailand.

So as mentioned in the start, this car is going to be placed in the market space where there is nobody right now.

Kia 7 seater SUV

The highlight here will obviously be the third row. It will rob the Sonet of it class leading bootspace but will it sufficient for two adults? We will have to wait and see till the car is revealed later this month. When it comes to features, safety, comfort and convenience – the Kia 7 seater SUV will inherit all of that from the Sonet compact SUV which means it will sit at the premium end of the market when it comes to 7 seater. Engine options could include the 1.2-litre petrol engine, the 1.0-litre turbo petrol and the 1.5-litre diesel. While petrol options could be limited to only one, a diesel will mostly be offered and like the Sonet – a proper automatic transmission will make it very attractive for buyers.

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How much will it be priced?

We have known that Kia loves to give a lot to the buyer at a pricing it’s rivals don’t want to compete. Both the Seltos and Sonet try to maximize their value with their variants in front of the Hyundai Creta and Venue. Coming back to the Kia 7 seater SUV, this two will be strategically priced and positioned. If we see a India launch, we expect this car to sit between the Maruti Ertiga and the Mahindra Marazzo.

Kia 7 seater SUV

When will it come?

The correct question should be will it come to India? The answer is simple, if its a 7-seater with the same length, as there are reports – it won’t make it to India. However, this makes us realize that if increased in length, this can be an ideal 7-seater SUV, which will make way for a new segment. Kia could be eyeing at this segment and that could be. one reason why it has kept all its plans under wraps. We are highly hopeful that Sonet 7-Seater with its increased length will make it to India.

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