Tyres in have a certain rating which tells us about the tolerance levels. Today we are going to go across different Tyre ratings and also know about which brand they are associated with. In this article, we are going to also know about the speed associated with those tyres.

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H Rated

H Rated tyres

These include tyres like the Metzeler M5 and Michelin Pilot Street Radial. These can go up to speeds of 210 km/h and are used on street-naked and street fighter bikes. You might also see them on some sports-tourers. Also if you are looking for a tyre for your sports bike for daily use then this makes for a better option.

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W-Rated Tyres

W – Rated Tyres are a bit expensive and have a high grip. They will wear out a bit faster but can sustain higher speeds. Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 are an expensive pick but the Apollo Alpha H1 falls into the more affordable W Rated tyre.

W Tyre Ratings

ZR Tyre Rating

ZR Tyres are mostly seen on touring bikes. They can sustain speeds above 240 km/h. Pirelli Angel GT is the famous one out there. It does sustain for quite a lot of km and has a good grip for the road as well as track.

ZR Tyre Ratings

You can see these Tyre on the sport-tourers. Adding these tyres on a bike that does not exceed 150 km/h makes no sense.

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T Rated Tyres

T Rated Tyres

The Metzeler Karoo 3 is the most famous T rated tyres. It can do about 190 to 200 km/h. You can see them on adventure tourer. These tyres can be seen on the BMW GS 1250 and GS 1200. They can maintain good cruising speeds while on the highway.

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V Rated Tyres

V Tyre Ratings

The Tyre Ratings on the Michelin Anakee Adventure is V which makes it capable of reaching 240 km/h. Also, these Tyres can take the higher load and can be seen on more adventure focused bikes. You can see these Tyres on the Tiger 950 GT.

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J Rated Tyres

J Tyre Ratings

These are scooter tyres but for the sports scooter segment. They are focused on providing better grip and lean angles. You can see them on the Aprilia SR 160 scooter.

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B Rated Tyres

B Tyre Ratings

B Rated tyres can be seen in bikes premium commuters and Royal Enfield. These are better than the stock tyres that are offered and they improve the grip for these bikes. These tyres are safe to run at speed of about 150 km/h. Most of the bikes which get these tyres usually max out at about 120 km/h.

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Tyre Ratings are quite important while choosing a new set of tyres for your bike. Also, make sure that you do check the speed rating if you have modified your bike. Also, make sure that your tyres are in good condition as they are the only connection with the road that keeps you safe.

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