This article will guide you about the things that you should be taking care of in your car if you have just brought a brand new car. They will prevent damage that is expected to happen in future. This is also expected to save you a lot in the long run. You should never do these things in a Brand new car!

Do not floor!
Piston and piston rings

A new car should never be floored. There is a lot about the break-in period of the different vehicle but the one simple fact is that the engine can not be under stress at the start of its life cycle. This will damage the internal component and lead to a drop in mileage in the later stages of the vehicle.

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Avoid driving in higher gears

Service Regular

While driving cars on the highway there is a tendency that people drive their vehicle in a higher gear to maximize output. This might put reverse stress on the drive train thereby increasing the load on the engine. Also, the clutch plates might be under stress which is not recommended at the beginning of the lifecycle of the vehicle.

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Avoid Cruise Control

You might be excited to use cruise control on your new car but just control your urge. Using cruise control will put the car in a constant throttle position which is not good for a brand new car engine.

Cruise Control

You can start using cruise control once the engine undergoes first service. Also using cruise control might save you fuel now but it might cause engine problems at a later stage.

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Avoid short runs

Having a brand new car would result in a natural craving to take it out for the smallest of work. This should be avoided as it does not let the car warm up properly. For a car to run optimally it should reach an operating temperature.

engine oil

Make sure that your car gets warm enough before you shut it down. A new engine is quite resistant to oil circulation and it also requires the oil to reach a temperature to circulate properly. So avoid short runs where your car will not run at an optimum temperature.

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Avoid Overloading

Overloading has its own disadvantage. It will cause the vehicle to be under constant stress. Also, the parts are new and are not used to such stressful condition. This might also include a situation where you cram up people in your new car just to take a joy ride.

Over loading

These are the small things that you should do in your car which can save you from bigger damage later on. Join our new WhatsApp update list by clicking here. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane YoutubeGoogle NEWSFacebook and Twitter. We also have a paid car consultancy service for all your doubts – Know more before one of your largest investment.


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