Hero Xpulse is the most affordable adventure bike in India. Along with that the Xpulse 200 is also quite versatile when it comes to modification. Here are 5 Hero Xpulse 200 modifications that you should consider.

Hero Xpulse Rally Kit

Here is the Hero Xpulse Rally kit. This kit is the one stop solution to make your stock Xpulse offroad ready. Also the Rally kit does not have problems on the road as it keep your bike road legal.

Hero Xpulse 200 Rally Kit

The rally kit is quite good and it has a lot of things that actually improve your bike for off-road. But what if you want to take your bike further. Here are a few other things which will make your Xpulse a bit more fun bike to ride.

Big Bore Kit

One thing that you might have thought that would have not been change is the engine performance. A big bore kit does fiddle with the warranty of the vehicle but it give the bike the extra performance it misses. Having a big bore kit on the bike might increase the bikes cubic capacity to 220 or 230cc.

Hero Xpulse 200 big bore kit

If done right the big bore kit will provide you with a bike that will drastically add to your off-performance.  The next Xpulse 200 modification can be done along with the big bore kit to push the Xpulse further.


Changing the exhaust on the Xpulse 200 will shift the range of power and torque on the vehicle. If you get a custom bend pipe and canister tuned for low end performance the bike will be able to make better use of the power.

Hero Xpulse 200 exhaust


Hero Xpulse 200 sprocket

The sprocket mod on the Xpulse 200 is a sleeper mod on the bike. If you put a bigger sprocket you can shift the power band lower in the rev band. With a bigger sprocket, the bike will feel much tractable in higher gears at low RPMs. The Xpulse 200 does stall quite often if you are not in the right gear. This also is fixed because of this sprocket change.

Hero Xpulse 200 Modifications

Other modifications on the Xpulse 200 include better footpegs and handlebars. Having better ergonomics while on off-road trails will make the bike a better machine to operate. It will be easier to handle and quicker to manoeuvre.

But if you want to tour on the highway these footpegs make for a better option. They are slightly rear set and give for a better feel while riding. Also, a risen handlebar will be much better when it comes to riding offroad.

A simple handlebar riser could also do the work.  So these are the Hero Xpulse 200 modifications which you should consider if you want to make your bike a bit better.

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