Yes, another elusive car that we are hearing rumblings about and spotting undergoing testing from time to time. We know that this car is based on the WagonR. We know that it will be sold through the Nexa dealerships with a name like XL5. But where is it now? Why haven’t we seen it? In today’s story we are going to write on the Maruti XL5 and why this car is going to not be seen for sometime now. Find out more below.

Maruti XL5 What is it?

Lets do a quick summery first – the Maruti XL5 is going to be based on the current generation WagonR. It will look different. Will it be a old-school job like the Stingray? Probably a bit better than that. With the XL5 we hope to see a complete new front end, complete with new headlights, better designed bumpers, a new grille and some color options will be definitely added. We will see new DRLs on the car too. From the spy shots we can see that the car will get eyebrow LEDs with the headlamp assembly moved down. Apart from that the rear and the side of the car will remain the same with no body panels changing there. The car will  mostly get a dual tone color scheme as well.

Maruti XL5 side

Some new Nexa accessories that are unavailable with the Arena showroom and could come specially for the XL5 could be seen, Other than that when it comes to features on the inside read our story below to find out what we think could come on the Maruti XL5 over the WagonR.

Maruti Suzuki XL5 – Features over WagonR

Why is it delayed?

The XL5 is a car that will make the Nexa showroom able to offer and show more cars. But before a nice premium offering of the WagonR comes to the market, Maruti has another product planned. A more important nameplate set to return in a whole new avatar – Maruti Celerio. The car is going to come in the month of May and will definitely have the brands overall attention for now. So expect the Maruti XL5 in the third quarter only. Also important products will be given overall priority with the on-going shortage of semi-conductor chips in the component market.

Pricing of the car could be Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 over the regular WagonR. For now there is no more developing news or official comment on the car. Stay tuned for more.

Thumbnail: SRK Design

New Maruti Suzuki Celerio coming this May

Maruti XL5 front

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