There is a clear shift in the future plans of many automotive companies. A lot of future strategies include an all electric approach. So could this rises a very valid question in minds of everyone. Will Petrol and Diesel cars last forever?

Why the sudden shift?

Petrol and Diesel Cars

As you can see in 2021 a lot companies have declared that they will go all electric in future. Although right now this includes luxury and premium car brands could there be a time when high selling brands will also go all electric. Could the complete industry run on an all electric approach?

If we consider India, emission norms have become stricter and it has become difficult for manufacturers to make cars which meet with those standards at a low cost. Electric does not have to deal with this and the powertrain sharing is much easier. Although electric has not many buyers right now with the rising fuel prices we might see a rise in the electric vehicle buyers.

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All Electric Future? Good or Bad?

Petrol and Diesel Cars

Now a lot of enthusiast and passionate drivers have been worried with the all electric future. Although electric does have the power to provide the thrill of driving it still lacks the thrill and the connect that IC engine cars offer. We should also understand that enthusiast consist of a small portion of society. Most manufacturers make vehicle for the masses. There are current a very few cars which actually are true to the essence of the driving connect.

Here come in the concept of alternative fuels. Read ahead to know more about these alternative fuels which might replace Petrol and Diesel Cars.

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Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels is a bigger possibility than shifting to all electric. As of now the infrastructure for the Petrol and Diesel cars is well built and just converting it into electric wont work. If we come to what are alternative fuels then the biggest is the CNG. CNG can be run on petrol engines. It is quite economical to run but the down side is that the engine undergoes more wear and tear. Also the CNG limits the range of the vehicle.

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Other fuels include ethanol. Ethanol can be mixed in petrol to reduce the concentration of petrol and there by reduce its cost. This requires a flex fuel engine to run. We can see how Maharashtra government is pushing towards Flex fuels to tackle current fuel prices.

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What is the solution?

Petrol and diesel cars are not gonna phase out completely. Some enthusiast brands like Porsche have declared that they have been working on alternative fuel solution that will replace on their gasoline engines. Also engine will become more accepting towards various fuels. There have been attempts in the past to make vehicles which have such capabilities but they have been restricted to lower numbers.

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