The new Tata Safari that was launched last month has been attracting lots of buyers as it has brought back for many, a lot of good memories from the past, but, in a modern package. The Safari now looks stunning with the modern elements and the new design language. The car now also gets better safety features. In this article, we will discuss Tata Safari ESP modes in detail.

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Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) & Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

With this feature on board, the wheels do not jam during sudden braking. If the wheels jam during emergency events, the wheels slip, directly increasing the stopping distance. ABS helps in reducing the stopping distance by not allowing the wheel to lock.

EBD helps in providing each wheel with the required braking force individually according to the road conditions and the dynamic condition of the wheels during the moment of braking.

Cornering Stability Control & Roll-Over Mitigation

With this feature, the sharp turning of the vehicle becomes possible in conditions of emergency manoeuvring like avoiding crash or potholes. However, during extreme situations, if the car is unable to control itself while turning, the roll-over mitigation system kicks in to prevent the vehicle from rolling over, preventing any further damage.

Off-Road ABS

This feature is an extension of the regular ABS. While off-roading, the road conditions are worse when compared to regular roads, so the car needs to put in extra work to gain control over the road while braking. Under such conditions, the off-road ABS helps.

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Electronic Traction Control

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Traction control in simple terms is the amount of grip that the wheels hold over the surface. With electronic traction control on board, the power is distributed according to the road conditions. A wheel that is stuck on a very smooth surface receives less power due to more slippage, and this power is transferred to the wheels with more hold on the surface.

Electronic Stability Control

During sudden steering inputs, the car needs to do extra work to hold its ground. This function is handled with the help of electronic stability control. During any such event of sharp steering, the electronics help the car maintain its stability and prevent it from going off-course.

Hill Hold Control & Hill Descent Control

While driving up the hills, the system helps the car hold its position if the car becomes stationary. The vehicle would not start rolling back, giving the driver a sense of confidence to drive in hills. With hill descent control, the system automatically applies brakes to a controlled level, allowing the car to move down the hill slowly and with full control.

Brake Disc Wiping

This feature removes water or moisture from the brake disc surface in order to provide maximum braking efficiency whenever needed. The presence of moisture reduces braking efficiency.

Electronic Brake Pre-Fill & Hydraulic Brake Assist

The Electronic Brake Pre-Fill system kicks in when the electronics get the sense that the driver might need sudden braking in the next instantaneous moment. So the brakes become completely ready to provide maximum assistance to the driver while he brakes. Hydraulic brake assist takes this further by a notch. The system understands that in a particular condition, the driver wants to use the maximum braking power but has not pressed the brake pedal completely. So, the brake hydraulics assist in complete braking.

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Hydraulic Fading Compensation &

Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake

During heavy braking, brakes tend to heat up. As the temperature increases, the braking efficiency reduces, meaning more and more pressure has to be applied to reduce the braking distance. So in order to compensate for this loss, the ECU increases the hydraulic pressure of the braking system automatically so that the braking becomes more effective even under normal applied pressure.

Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake looks intimidating, but this feature helps in cornering the car, giving a sense of confidence to the driver.

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