Compact SUVs are in rage as it is the most preferred car buying segment in India. We make it clear for you whether you should make your car a CNG Compact SUV. Here are some of the challenge that you might face!

Why put CNG?

CNG Compact SUV

A lot of current Compact SUVs come with diesel engine option. If you are looking at a longer daily runs it is better to go for diesel. The only problem here is the cost. Also along with the cost there is a misconception that diesel cars are difficult to drive. So a lot of people might go for CNG kits on their cars.

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Now there are no manufacturer offered CNG kits on any of the Compact SUVs. Getting a CNG Compact SUV is only an after market affair. Maximum you could get it dealer fitted but that is only if the dealer might have the facility.

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A lot of compact SUVs come with Turbo Petrol engines. Can you really have a CNG engine on a Turbo Petrol engine?

Turbo Petrol CNG

Venue engine

To understand if your Turbo petrol car could run on CNG you should know how a the turbo engine works. Now for a normal petrol engine it is okay to have a turbo. The additional air intake results in better power output. Just adding CNG to a turbo petrol engine might not be sufficient. The control module for the CNG needs to be recalibrated as turbo engine have a spike in power curve which might change in terms of CNG.

CNG Compact SUV Venue

There are people who have converted their Turbo petrol cars into CNG but we think that this might increase the carbon deposits on the engine if not done properly. You might have a lower running cost but there might be increases service cost which might cancel out the benefit.

Should you buy CNG Compact SUV?

In conclusion if you want to have a CNG Compact SUV then it might needs to be done by figuring out how the engine runs. Just adding a CNG kit might not work as it is the case in other petrol vehicles. You could go ahead with Compact SUVs which are offered with naturally aspirated petrol engines. These engine are anyway available in the lower trims of the vehicles and they might come for a lower price.

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